Hydrapak SkyFlask™ IT Insulated Speed 300ml 保冷軟式摺疊運動水樽

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貨品編號 SKU 
  • Hydrapak SkyFlask™ IT Insulated Speed 300ml 
  • 物料 Material
  • 超輕耐用 TPU、PP、HDPE、矽膠、尼龍
  • 不含BPA 和 PVC
  • 重量 Weight
  • 59g
  • 容量 Capacity
  • 300ml
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 展開尺寸:20.5cm (高) × 5.5cm (直徑)
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 由軟式TPU材質製成的水壺瓶身,可摺疊,方便收納與攜帶
  • 採用 IsoBound™絕緣技術,能避免熱能從用家身上傳至水袋,可保持水冷並且在溫暖的氣溫時水袋外面也不會有倒汗水
  • 特別設計成能夠維持液體在理想的溫度 38% 更耐久於其他標準水袋
  • 輕量設計,只重 59g
  • SpeedFill™ 樽蓋可快速打開,方便快速注水,並且一按即開關上防漏
  • 可調式手帶,可將水將軟水樽調整至適應不同的手型
  • 四層設計為用戶提供了更多的結構,增強了抓握,並且無汗,舒適的攜帶體驗
  • 可壓縮設計在您喝水時會收縮,減少水的流動,並在空置時輕鬆存放在口袋中
  • 柔軟的材料貼合您的手,精確的貼合性意味著您可以輕鬆地奔跑,同時仍能安全握住水
  • 每次啜飲後,高流量咬合閥自動密封,消除了滴水的煩惱
  • 42mm大號標准開口使您可以輕鬆地將冰和飲料混合
  • 接合處採用卓越的RF塑料銲接技術
  • 可用於冰水或暖水 (最高溫度 60° C / 140° F)
  • 適合跑步、露營、旅遊探險或每天攜帶使用
  • 不含BPA 和 PVC
  • 適合使用的濾水器(需另購): Katadyn Befree Filter
  • SKU 
  • Hydrapak SkyFlask™ IT Insulated Speed 300ml 
  • Material
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane, HDPE, PP, Silicone, Nylon
  • 100% BPA & PVC free
  • Certified by FDA and EU
  • Weight
  • 59g
  • Capacity
  • 300ml
  • Dimensions
  • Usage:20.5cm (H) × 5.5cm (D)
  • Highlights
  • Keep your water cool and prevent bottle sweat. An insulated version of our handheld SkyFlask™ Speed 350ml soft bottle, the SkyFlask IT Speed 300ml features our IsoBound™ technology. Engineered to keep fluids at an ideal temperature 38% longer than a standard flask
  • Isobound™ Insulation prevents heat transfer from the user to the hydration, the ideal solution for a wide range of outdoor endurance activities
  • SpeedFill™ cap flips open for quick refills and snaps closed for a spill-proof seal
  • The ideal hand-held solution for running, adjustable strap cinches down to fit different hand sizes
  • Four-layer design provides users with more structure, an enhanced grip, and a no-sweat, comfortable carrying experience
  • Compressible design shrinks as you drink, reducing water movement and easily stores in your pocket when empty
  • Soft material conforms to your hand and the precise fit means that you can run with a relaxed hand and still securely hold your water
  • High-flow bite valve auto-seals after each sip, eliminating annoying drips
  • Large standard 42mm opening lets you fill the softflask easily with ice and drink mixes
  • Made of ultra-durable, abrasion resistant TPU & RF welded seams for superior durability and elasticity
  • Can be frozen or filled with hot water (max temp 60° C / 140° F)
  • Safe and reliable, 100% BPA & PVC free
  • Ideal for camping, adventure and everyday uses
  • Compatible Filters (sold separately): Katadyn Befree Filter
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