Windstorm Whistle 戶外求生哨子


Color: 黑色 Black


貨品編號 SKU
  • Windstorm Whistle 
  • 重量 Weight
  • ~12g
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • ~6.5cm 3.8cm x 1.8cm
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • Windstorm Whistle 戶外求生哨子是 Storm Whistle 更緊湊輕巧的版本,其分貝等級略低,但具有相同的防水能力,強大的功率和獨特的設計。因此是市場上第二最響亮的哨子
  • 哨子小到可以放進手提包、鑰匙上或救生圈上,但聲音又大到足以被人聽到
  • 哨子獨特專利設計的發聲室每當你於水下吹起哨子時,會迫使所有水在吹口哨時被清除,從而產生聲響。使它即使在水底下仍能使用並可傳遞聲音遠達 50 英尺的距離
  • 本哨子於美國製造,不論潛水員、戶外運動愛好者、以至救生員或教練均適合使用
  • Windstorm Whistle 戶外求生哨子能產生清晰、高頻率的聲音,使它能比其它一般哨子響亮 75%
  • 103分貝最大輸出,適合戶外活動、體育賽事、求生等
  • 使用標準口哨聲,會產生非生產性高頻(超過5000赫茲)和非生產性低頻(低於2000赫茲)聲音。由於Windstorm Whistle具有專利的諧波室,這些高頻和低頻聲音將被回收並集中到它的極高的單聲3150赫茲頻率中,該頻率是標準幅度的兩倍
  • 焦點集中在3150赫茲頻率,是環境中其他噪音之上最容易聽到的音調
  • 美國製造
  • 警告: 本哨子十分響亮。持續使用可能會導致聽力受損。請使用耳朵保護裝備,並永遠不要靠近別人的耳朵吹響本哨子。存放在兒童接觸不到的地方
  • SKU
  • Windstorm Whistle 
  • Weight
  • ~12g
  • Dimensions 
  • ~6.5cm 3.8cm x 1.8cm
  • Highlights
  • Windstorm Whistle is the more compact version of the Storm Whistle and a slightly lower decibel rating than the Storm Whistle, but has the same waterproof capabilities, tremendous power and sleek design
  • Small enough to fit into a hand bag, on keys, or on a life preserver, but loud enough to be unequivocally heard
  • Easy to hold, easy to use and easy to hear
  • Used by Police, military, search and rescue teams and industrial safety personnel as an alarm and personal
  • Works by utilizing a resonance chamber attached to the whistle that enables the whistle to focus its sound like a laser beam and blast a noise twice as loud as any whistle made in the world
  • This same harmonic chamber also acts to protect the whistle from mud, snow, sand … even water
  • Designed to save your life by generating a tone 100% louder than a standard safety whistle
  • Ultra lightweight at only about 12 grams
  • Patented Design Allows Whistle To Be Heard Up To 50 Feet Underwater
  • Unique Sounding Chamber Forces Out All Water When The Whistle Is Blown
  •  Creates a clear, high frequency sound, with a power rating over 75% greater than other safety whistles 
  • Maximum sound intensity of 103 dB
  • With a standard whistle, nonproductive high frequency (over 5000 hertz) and nonproductive low frequency (below 2000 hertz) sounds are created. Because of the patented harmonic chamber that is unique to the Windstorm whistle, these high and low frequency sounds are recycled and focused into our extremely loud single 3150 hertz frequency of double the standard amplitude
  • The Windstorm's focused 3150 Hertz frequency is the most readily heard tone above other noises in the environment
  • Made in USA
  • WARNING: This whistle is very loud. Continued use may cause hearing loss. Use ear protection and never blow close to listeners ear. Keep out of reach of children
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