Terra Nova Competition Tarp 2 露營天幕

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  • Terra Nova Competition Tarp 2 
  • 物料 Material
  • Nylon 3000mm HH
  • 重量 Weight
  • 550g  
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 展開尺寸: 290cm x 248cm
  • 收納尺寸: 44cm x 17cm(直徑)
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 簡單輕型結構非常適合建造不同類型的天幕系統
  • Competition Tarp 2 具有加固孔眼及織帶膠帶,可提供多種設置選項,並且是 Adventure Tarp 2 的輕巧選項。它使用我們的高品質 Watershed Si2 織物,與我們在屢獲殊榮的 Laser Competition 帳篷中使用的矽膠尼龍織物相同。這款天幕與我們的 Discovery Lite bivi 配合使用非常好,可提供輕便、可靠的天幕系統
  • 非常靈活,可以摺疊成各種不同的尺寸和方式,使其能夠適應不同尺寸的袋子和箱子
  • 更小的版本可參考 Competition Tarp 1
  • SKU
  • Terra Nova Competition Tarp 1 
  • Material
  • Nylon 3000mm HH
  • Weight
  • 550g 
  • Dimensions
  • Expanded: 290cm x 248cm
  • Storage:  44cm(L) × 17cm(D)
  • Highlights
  • The simple light structure of a tarp is great for building different types of shelter systems in the backcountry
  • The Competition Tarp 2 features reinforced eyelets, webbing tapes for multiple set up options and is a lighter option to Adventure Tarp 2. It uses our high quality Watershed Si2 fabric, the same silicone nylon fabric we use in our award winning Laser Competition tents.  This tarp works great with our Discovery Lite bivi to offer a lightweight, reliable shelter system
  • This item is very flexible and can be folded into various different sizes and ways making it adaptable to fit different sized bags and paniers
  • Also available in a smaller size as Competition Tarp 1
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