SOTO Storm Breaker Stove SOD-372 高山氣白電油兩用爐 SOTO Storm Breaker Stove SOD-372

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  • SOTO SOD-372
  • 物料 Material
  • 鋁、不鏽鋼、塑膠
  • 重量 Weight
  • 爐頭本體: 225g
  • 總重量: 448g
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 使用尺寸:9cm (高) x 15cm (直徑)
  • 收納尺寸:9cm (長) x 6.5 (闊) x 6.5cm (高)
  • 火力 Output
  • 3.5kW(3,000kcal/h)
  • 燃料 Fuel
  • 白電油
  • 高山氣
  • 燃燒時間 Usage Duration
  • 使用高山氣: 約 48 分鐘
  • 使用白電油(480ml): 約1 小時 40 分鐘
  • 產品內容 Contents Include
  • StormBreaker爐頭
  • 氣泵
  • 高山氣爐頭座
  • 隔熱板
  • 維修工具
  • 專用收納袋
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 2018年全新產品
  • 可使用白電油或高山氣作燃料
  • 凹入型風擋設計,有效增加爐頭效率及減低燃料消耗,於強風下仍能於短時間煮沸水,風擋嵌入爐頭中亦可減輕重量
  • 免預熱、超輕量設計,遠征、登山必備
  • 免預熱設計,只需十秒的穩定時間,就可以立即使用
  • 智慧型調節鈕,可以同時開火、火力調整、熄火、緊急停止同時在調節鈕上調整,簡單控制整個爐子
  • 壓力警示設計,當油瓶內部壓力夠大的時候,會露出紅色的警示柱,當看到紅色警示柱時,表示可以開始使用汽化爐
  • 特別設計可彎曲的軟管,以及可旋轉的關節,讓我們可以在調整油瓶位置的時候,不會影響到爐頭的使用
  • 輕量腳架設計
  • 獨創回旋腳架,有極佳的承重能力。收納時,也可以將體積收到最
  • 配合大口徑專用油瓶,傾倒燃料時不容易灑出
  • 寬焰盤設計,可以將火力均勻散布在全鍋底,煮飯時不容易燒焦
  • 超強火力,可以輕鬆煮出美味料理
  • 在嚴寒地形也可以使用,不會因為週邊溫度而讓火力變弱

  • SOTO SOD-372
  • Material
  • Aluminium, plastic, aluminium
  • Weight
  • Burner: 225g
  • Total: 448g
  • Dimensions
  • Usage:9cm (H) x 15cm (D)
  • Storage:9cm (L) x 6.5 (W) x 6.5cm (H)
  • Output
  • 3.5kW(3,000kcal/h)
  • Fuel
  • Gasoline
  • Camping canister
  • Usage Duration
  • Camping canister: around 48min
  • Gasoline (480ml): around 1h40m
  • Content Includes
  • StormBreaker burner
  • Pump
  • Gas canister support frame
  • Heat insulation plate
  • Maintenance kit
  • Storage bag
  • Highlights
  • New product released in 2018
  • Compatible with gasoline and camping canister
  • The burner is designed to be shielded by the windscreen, saving fuel and allowing maximum efficiency even under strong wind 
  • No preheat needed, allow 10s to stabilize and it is good to use
  • Single smart adjustment knob for turning on the flame, output adjustment, turning off the flame and emergency stop, very easy to use
  • Pressure signal design, the stove is good to use when it turn red meaning the pressure inside the gasoline bottle is high enough
  • Specially designed soft tubing and rotational joints allow you to adjust bottle position without moving the stove together
  • Light frame design
  • Extraordinary rotational frame provides optimal support and remains compact
  • Dedicated gasoline bottle is designed with wide neck to reduce risk of spillage during refill (purchased separately) 
  • Wide frame surface to provide flame evenly and do not scorch easily when cooking rice
  • Superb output power for quick and easy cooking
  • Ideal for expeditions as the frame would not weaken even in such extreme temperature
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