SOTO 煙燻木塊 (7種味道) SOTO Smoke Wood (7 scents)

SOTO ST-1551
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  • 櫻桃木:SOTO ST-1551
  • 蘋果木:SOTO ST-1552
  • 核桃木:SOTO ST-1553
  • 胡桃木:SOTO ST-1554
  • 橡木:SOTO ST-1555
  • 經典:SOTO ST-1556
  • 威士忌:SOTO ST-1557
  • 物料 Material
  • 日本製原木
  • 重量 Weight
  • 80g x3
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 10cm(長) x 5cm(闊) x 2.5cm(高)
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 適用於露營或野餐,煙燻你的食物,讓你感受食物的新味道
  • 多款味道選擇
  • 使用方法 Instructions
  • 一塊煙燻木塊約可使用90分鐘(根據火力和周遭自然環境會有所差異)
  • 建議使用噴槍或爐火加熱木塊,確認冒煙後,放置煙燻料盤即可進行燻製
  • 若已燃起火焰,請將火焰熄滅,僅需煙霧來作為煙燻使用
  • 可於煙燻料盤上架一煙燻網,再放置木塊,可使燃燒效果更佳
  • 建議從木塊斷面處加熱,勿只加熱其中一角
  • 需要更換木塊時,請先將灰燼清除,再放入新木塊
  • 若未將灰燼清理乾淨可能會附著於食物上
  • 注意事項 Cautions
  • 使用時,周遭環境若有易燃物請特別注意
  • 有強風時請先停止加熱木塊,可能會造成著火危險
  • 使用時請勿讓孩童靠近,避免發生危險
  • 燻製過程中請勿將木塊從煙燻箱取出
  • 請確認木塊灰燼皆已熄滅再丟棄
  • 請勿將本品用於煙燻用途以外之處
  • 請存放於乾燥通風、陰涼之處,並遠離火源

  • Cherry wood:SOTO ST-1551
  • Apple wood:SOTO ST-1552
  • Walnut wood:SOTO ST-1553
  • Hickory wood:SOTO ST-1554
  • Oak wood:SOTO ST-1555
  • Classic:SOTO ST-1556
  • Whisky:SOTO ST-1557
  • Material
  • Natural wood from Japan
  • Weight
  • 80g x3
  • Dimensions
  • 10cm(L) x 5cm(W) x 2.5cm(H)
  • Highlights
  • Try out a new taste by smoking food in the wild
  • Different scents available
  • Instructions
  • Each piece of wood can be burnt for around 90 minutes (depending on the flame and the environment)
  • Recommended to ignite the wood with torch or stove, once it smokes, place the  wood and the food tray into the smoker
  • If it burns with a flame, put it off as you only need the smoke 
  • Placing the wood on the net and then putting them above the food tray provides the best effect
  • It is best to ignite the wood from the cut surface instead of just one corner
  • Remove all ashes before replacing the wood with a new one, otherwise the food might be filled with ashes
  • Cautions
  • Stay away from flammable objects when in use
  • Stop the ignition if there is strong wind to avoid causing a fire
  • Stay away from kids
  • Do not take out the wood when smoking
  • Make sure the wood and the ashes are completely burnt out before throwing it away
  • Do not use the wood for purposes other than smoking the food
  • Kept in dry and cool area with good ventilation, stay away from fire
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