Snow Peak GigaPower Li Stove GS-1000 剛炎超強力氣爐

Snow PeakSKU: GS-1000



貨品編號 SKU
  • Snow Peak GS-1000
  • 物料 Material
  • 不鏽鋼、黃銅
  • 重量 Weight
  • 1.8kg
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 使用尺寸:35cm(直徑) × 42cm(高)
  • 收納尺寸:24cm(直徑) × 20.5cm(高)
  • 火力 Output
  • 8,500kcal/h
  • 氣體消耗量 Gas Consumption
  • 780g/h
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 最大火力達 8,500kcal/h,且保持穩定火焰的最強氣爐: 在營地,可以實現中餐和大鍋菜所需的大量熱量。不受溫度變化影響的排液規格,即使在寒冷季節也能發揮穩定的火力
  • 高輸出 8,500kcal 實力 史上最強威力的單口爐: 採用 Snow Peak 獨創燃燒方式“液態燃料”(液出し)系統的大型高功率單口爐。“液態燃料”系統是將瓦斯罐倒立裝設,可允許瓦斯在液體狀態下燃燒液化氣的劃時代系統。即便瓦斯罐使用後內壓下降,仍可維持穩定的高輸出燃燒。受到擋風板所保護的大型爐頭,能大範圍均勻加熱鍋具。可折疊的 4 個鍋具支撐架,還可使用最大直徑 31cm 的大型鍋具。並配有可 5 段式調整高度的支撐腳,即使地面凹凸不平仍可輕鬆應對。還可用剛炎結合架(需另購)裝設於IGT戶外餐廚組內。以名副其實「剛炎」的強火,煮出美味料理
  • 可輕鬆拆卸瓦斯罐的系統使用底部的固定桿,便可輕鬆拆卸瓦斯罐
  • 調整支撐腳高度4 個支撐腳可 5 段式調整高度,確實對應凹凸不平的地面
  • 低溫也能穩定輸出的特性: 只要滑動底部的固定拉桿,便可輕鬆拆卸瓦斯罐
  • 輕巧收納狀態: 可將支撐腳和爐具本體折疊成約 φ24cm×21cm 尺寸,輕巧攜帶與保管
  • 2個火力調整旋鈕: 點火時,完全打開下方的調整旋鈕;熄火時則全關。可利用上方的火力調整旋鈕調節火焰
  • 大型爐頭: 直徑 112mm 大型爐頭,實現最高輸出 8,500kcal/h 的威力
  • 約 2 分 30 秒即可煮沸 1L 水
  • 220g 氣罐約可燃燒 20分鐘; 420g 氣罐約可燃燒 40分鐘 (※本資料會因使用條件而異)
  • 附收納袋
  • *本產品並不包含氣罐
  • 說明書
  • SKU
  • Snow Peak GS-1000
  • Material
  • Stainless steel, Brass
  • Weight
  • 1.8kg
  • Dimensions

  • Usage:35cm(D) × 42cm(H)
  • Storage:24cm(D) × 20.5cm(H)
  • Output
  • 8,500kcal/h
  • Gas Consumption
  • 780g/h
  • Highlights
  • Maximum thermal power 8,500 kcal / h. The strongest stove that keeps a stable flame
  • At the camp, you can achieve the large amount of heat required for Chinese food and large pot dishes. With a liquid discharge specification that is not affected by changes in temperature, it demonstrates stable thermal power even in the cold season
  • High calorie 8,500 kcal ability The strongest power in the history of single stoveA large high-power single stove that uses Snow Peak's original combustion method "liquid drainage" system. The "liquid drainage" system is an epoch-making system that burns liquefied gas as a liquid because the gas cartridge is set upside down. With a structure with little decrease in internal pressure, combustion continues while maintaining high output. The large burner head protected by the windshield heats a wide area evenly. The four foldable trivets are compatible with large pots with a maximum diameter of 31 cm
  • 5 levels of height adjustmentThe four legs have five height adjustments to handle unevenness on the ground. It can also be set on an iron grill table by using a joint frame. This high heat promises delicious food. You can even make para-para fried rice that is as good as a Chinese restaurant
  • Easy cartridge attachment / detachment systemThe gas cartridge can be easily attached and detached by simply sliding the mounting lever left and right
  • Stable output characteristics even at low temperaturesThe inverted liquid drainage system is not easily affected by the cold, so you can cook hot pot dishes in cold weather without stress
  • Compact storage stateIf you fold the legs and trivet, it will be about φ24 cm x 21 cm in size, and you can carry and store it compactly
  • Two adjustment handlesThe rigid flame has two wire-type adjustment handles. The lower handle is fully opened when ignited and fully closed when extinguished
  • Flame adjustment: The flame is adjusted with the upper handle
  • Comes with storage case
  • *Gas cartridge is not included
  •  Instruction
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