SILVA Trail Runner Free Headlamp 戶外頭燈

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  • SILVA Trail Runner Free Headlamp 
  • 光源 Light Source
  • 2 x semi high power LEDs
  • 亮度 Brightness
  • 400流明 (最高)
  • 電源 Power Supply
  • 3 x AAA  (已包含)
  • 或 Silva Hybrid Rechargeable battery (需另購)
  • 連續使用時間 Usage Duration
  • MAX: 400 流明 / 10-25 小時 
  • MED: 200 流明/ 20-50 小時
  • MIN: 50 流明 / 40-70 小時 
  • 防水度 Waterproof Level
  • IPX5
  • 照射距離 Beam Distance
  • 80米 (最遠)
  • 重量 Weight
  • 55g (頭燈)
  • 62g (電池)
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • ISPO國際體育用品博覽會獲得2020年度大獎,是世界第一款無縫頭燈!
  • 具有完全集成的電源線的輕型頭燈: 將電源線集成到頭帶中,這是舒適的前照燈體驗,不會分散電線或電線的纏結
  • Silva的Trail Runner Free頭燈具有一項技術創新(Free Technology™ ),它將頭燈的設計提升到了一個新水平:電源線完全集成在彈性頭帶中
  • 第五代Trail Runner能夠在不干擾電纜的情況下進行跑步,結構緊湊且輕巧-是ISPO Award 2020年“照明與安全”類別中“跑步”部分的冠軍。
  • 憑藉其強大而緊湊的電池,該燈適用於所有路線,無論是在城市中短途還是越野時
  • 具有400 流明的最高亮度和 80 米的最遠射程
  • 輕量設計,無需承擔不必要的重量
  • 使用3節AAA電池 (本產品已包含)
  • 剩餘電量顯示
  • IPX5防水
  • 工作溫度範圍:-20℃至+60℃
  • SKU
  • SILVA Trail Runner Free Headlamp 
  • Light Source
  • 2 x semi high power LEDs
  • Brightness
  • 400 lumens (Max)
  • Power Supply
  • 3 x AAA  (Included)
  • Or Silva Hybrid Rechargeable battery (sold separately)
  • Usage Duration
  • MAX: 400 lumens / 10-25 hours  
  • MED: 200 lumens/ 20-50 hours
  • MIN: 50 lumens / 40-70 hours 
  • Waterproof Level
  • IPX5
  • Beam Distance
  • 80 M (Max)
  • Weight
  • 55g (Headlamp)
  • 62g (Batteries)
  • Highlights
  • Trail Runner Free is a comfortable and lightweight headlamp for everyone who loves running. Its features and light beam are optimized for a runner’s needs. The basic version of the Trail Runner Free series comes with 3 x AAA batteries and the Hybrid battery case
  • Winner of ISPO Award 2020
  • On this fifth generation of our original running headlamp, we present a new kind of technology where the power cord is integrated into the headband. We call it Free Technology – a comfortable headlamp experience without distracting cords or tangled wires. No hassle – Just free the energy
  • Hybrid battery case included
    The Hybrid battery case can carry either the AAA batteries (included) or the rechargeable Silva Hybrid battery pack. This means that you have the freedom to upgrade the headlamp when you want to complement it with a rechargeable battery. The case has grip friendly surfaces and holds an integrated red rear safety light – adding extra visibility
  • Customized light distribution
    The Trail Runner Free series is made for running in every aspect. All three headlamps feature Silva Intelligent Light. This means that you get a double light beam technology in your headlamp, with light settings that are perfect for running. Our unique combination of a long reach spotlight and a close flood-light, results in less head movement, better control, improved balance, less fatigue and higher speed
  • Comfort in every detail
    Despite the focus on technological breakthroughs, we have not forgotten about the importance of weight optimization. Every part of the headlamp has been compressed and the unit only weighs 55 gram (excl. Batteries). The headlamp is perfectly balanced, with smooth adjustments and a flat, soft textile extension cord that doesn’t tangle. The headband is soft, yet firm enough, with a silicone string on the inside to stay in place. The battery can be carried comfortably on the headband or be kept warm in your pocket to save battery life by using the included extension cord
  • The base version Trail Runner Free
    Choose Trail Runner Free with the Hybrid battery case and 3 x AAA batteries if you don’t run on a daily basis, but still value long burn time
  • Battery Indication
  • Waterproof in accordance to IPX5
  • Trail Runner Free – Free the Energy from SILVA Global on Vimeo.

    Trail Runner Free – Everything you need to know from SILVA Global on Vimeo.

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