Sea to Summit Trek Tk III 羽絨睡袋

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尺寸 Size: 加長 Long
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貨品編號 SKU 
  • Sea to Summit Trek Tk III
  • 物料 Material
  • Shell: 30D Nylon 
  • Liner: 20D Nylon Soft Touch
  • 650+ Loft Ultra-Dry Down® (85/15 European Duck down)
  • 重量 Weight
  • 標準 (Regular):1190g
  • 加長 (Long):1310g
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 標準 (Regular):
  • 使用尺寸:183cm(長)
  • 收納尺寸:20cm(直徑) × 27cm
  • 加長 (Long):
  • 使用尺寸:198cm(長)
  • 收納尺寸:20cm(直徑) × 32cm
  • 適用溫度 Temperature Rating
  • Comfort:-6°C
  • Limit:-12°C
  • Extreme:-31°C
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 兼具舒適性、多功能性和價值的經典錐形睡袋
  • 錐形睡袋比傳統的木乃伊形睡袋提供更多空間和舒適度
  • 大內部安全口袋,可放置手機等貴重物品
  • 腳部拉鍊提供額外的通風或為您的腳部提供活動自由
  • RDS 650+ Loft ULTRA-DRY 羽絨提供出色的絕緣性和可壓縮性
  • 觸感柔軟的 20D 襯裡面料輕巧且高度透氣,加上耐用的 30D 尼龍外殼
  • 輕質面料,減輕重量和體積
  • 胸部部分的垂直絨道確保羽絨絕緣材料不會在睡眠期間遷移或轉移到睡袋的外部,從而產生冷點
  • 超大拉鍊阻風條,採用防結塊材料
  • 側絨道結構保持了 60/40 的填充比,將更多的東西放在睡袋的頂部,以實現最大的絕緣
  • 雙向 #5 YKK® 側拉鍊和獨立的腳拉鍊打開後讓睡袋可作為羽絨被子使用並提供額外的通風選項
  • Trek Tk III 具有額外的頸領阻風條,可密封並防止熱量流失
  • Zip Coupling 拉鍊配對功能,讓睡袋可與女裝右拉鍊睡袋合併成雙人睡袋使用
  • 專門設計輕薄的小型壓縮袋,收納體積更細小
  • SKU 
  • Sea to Summit Trek Tk III 
  • Material
  • Shell: 30D Nylon 
  • Liner: 20D Nylon Soft Touch
  • 650+ Loft Ultra-Dry Down® (85/15 European Duck down)
  • Weight
  • Regular:1190g
  • Long:1310g
  • Dimensions
  • Regular:
  • Usage size:183cm(L)
  • Storage size:20cm(D) × 27cm
  • Long:
  • Usage size:198cm(L)
  • Storage size:20cm(D) × 32cm
  • Temperature Rating
  • Comfort:-6°C
  • Limit:-12°C
  • Extreme:-31°C
  • Highlights
  • Comfort, versatility and value in a classic tapered rectangular down bag
  • Tapered rectangular for more space and comfort than a traditional mummy bag
  • Traditional comfort and value, with an anything but traditional design approach, our Trek Series sleeping bags are what we grab for globe-trotting adventures on a budget
  • Large internal security pocket, which is perfect for housing valuables and keeping batteries warm
  • 3D hood draws in tight when needed
  • Foot zip for extra ventilation or to provide freedom of movement for your feet
  • RDS 650+ Loft ULTRA-DRY Down offers excellent insulation and compressibility
  • Soft touch 20D lining fabric is lightweight and highly breathable, durable 30D Nylon shell
  • Lightweight fabrics for reduced weight and bulk
  • Vertical baffles over the chest section ensure the down insulation cannot migrate or shift to the outside of the bag during sleep, creating cold spots
  • Oversized zip draft tube with anti-snag materials
  • A side block baffle construction maintains the 60/40 fill ratio, keeping more down on the top of the bag for maximum insulation
  • Two-way #5 YKK® side and separate foot zip allows bag to double as a quilt and provides extra ventilation options
  • Trek Tk III has additional neck collar draft tube to seal and trap in all your warmth
  • Zip Coupling, allowing it to be paired together with women's specific right hand zip sleeping bag
  • Includes light weight Ultra-Sil® compression bag and storage cell/laundry bag
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