Sea To Summit Sigma Cookset 2.2 不鏽鋼戶外煮食煲套裝

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Sea To SummitSKU: Sea To Summit Sigma Cookset 2.2

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  • Sea To Summit Sigma Cookset 2.2
  • 物料 Material
  • 1.2L 及 2.7L 鍋: 不鏽鋼
  • 握把:不鏽鋼、矽膠
  • DeltaLight™保溫杯及碗: 玻璃強化聚丙烯,氯丁橡膠,食品級硅膠
  • 重量 Weight
  • 937g
  • 容量 Volume
  • 1.2L 及 2.7L
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 18.2cm × 12cm
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 優質不鏽鋼材質,Fluxtherm™處理,均勻散熱
  • 符合人體工學的矽膠不銹鋼把手
  • 獨特旋轉把手,申請專利中,安全且易操作
  • 把手旋轉時,可固定鍋蓋於鍋子中
  • 鍋內側印有刻度,便於測量
  • 鍋蓋有濾網孔設計,有效排水
  • 鍋底結構,利於露營時爐具火源的有效集中
  • 鍋內半徑較大,清洗容易;符合Delta系列刀具尺寸
  • DeltaLight™保溫杯及碗可用於微波爐,並且不含BPA 
  • DeltaLight™保溫杯附上隔熱套,拆卸清理都方便
  • SKU 
  • Sea To Summit Sigma Cookset 2.2
  • Material
  • Stainless Steel
  • Grip Handle: Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Nylon, Silicon
  • Delta Light Mugs and Bowls: Polypropolene, Neoprene, Silicon
  • Weight
  • 937g
  • Volume
  • 1.2L 及 2.7L
  • Dimensions
  • 18.2cm × 12cm
  • Highlights
  • Includes: 1.2L & 2.7L SigmaPots™, two DeltaLight™ Insul Mugs and two DeltaLight™ bowls
  • DeltaLight™ Dinnerware is BPA-free, microwave safe, lightweight, and ergonomically shaped
  • Premium grade stainless steel cooking surface
  • Fluxtherm™ treatment for even heat distribution
  • Patent-pending PIVOT-LOCK™ handle with ergonomic silicone grip for secure, easy operation
  • PIVOT-LOCK™ handle locks lid to pot for packin
  • Large internal radius allows easy cleaning and matches Sea to Summit’s Delta cutlery profile
  • Easy-flow strainer lid for efficient draining with integrated patent-pending LID KEEP™
  • SigmaPots™ and DeltaLight™ Dinnerware have graded volumetric scale for accurate measurement on both the SigmaPot
  • Thermal anti-slip base coating provides stability on camp stoves
  • DeltaLight™ Insul Mugs come with removeable easy clean insulated sleeves and silicone sipper lids for easy stacking and cleaning
  • Nesting SigmaPots™ compatible with DeltaLight™ dinnerware and AlphaPots™ and AlphaPans™
  • Includes dishcloth
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