Sea To Summit Ether Light XT Air Sleeping Mat 極輕單人充氣睡墊(連充氣手泵)

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尺寸 Size: 大 Large
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貨品編號 SKU 
  • Sea To Summit Ether Light XT Air Sleeping Mat
  • 物料 Material
  • 40D rip-stop 尼龍面料
  • 重量 Weight
  • 標準:390g
  • 大:500g
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 標準:
  • 使用尺寸:183cm (長) × 55cm (闊) × 10cm (高)
  • 收納尺寸:21cm (高) × 10cm (直徑)
  • 大:
  • 使用尺寸:198cm (長) × 64cm (闊) × 10cm (高)
  • 收納尺寸:24cm (高) × 11cm (直徑)
  • R值 R-value
  • 1.2
  • 氣囊數量 Air Sprung Cells
  • 標準:95
  • 大:132
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • Sea to Summit 最輕量版本充氣床墊,收納袋與手泵結合,毋須另攜氣泵
  • 睡墊由中型獨立氣筒組成的單層構造,在不犧牲舒適的情況下,做出最輕量、好攜帶的睡墊
  • Air Sprung Cells™ 獨立氣囊科技,透過許多獨立的小氣囊串接,增加了身體和睡墊的接觸面積,平均分散壓力,讓睡墊有如家裡的床墊般觸感
  • 每個獨立的氣囊能依據身形做出調整,給予身體更多的接觸面積,協助壓力分散,全面提升戶外睡眠的舒適度
  • 採用40D尼龍布料,並於表布內側使用白色的TPU塗層,加強布料的閉合度與貼合,表布外側則使用PU塗層來增加強韌度
  • Sea to Summit獨家專利的多功能充氣閥門,可輕易調整充氣飽和度,將雙重閘口打開時,即可快速充氣及放氣
  • TPU貼合技術於壓縮層中加入TPU塗層貼合,讓布料更為耐用且堅固,遠勝過傳統的睡墊構造表層經常脫落的問題
  • 加入抗菌處理配方,對抗睡墊內黴菌和細菌滋長的問題
  • SKU 
  • Sea To Summit Ether Light XT Air Sleeping Mat (with Handpump)
  • Material
  • 30D / 40D nylon with anti-microbial liquid-extruded TPU lamination
  • Weight
  • Regular:390g
  • Large:500g
  • Dimensions
  • Regular:
  • Usage Size:183cm (L) × 55cm (W) × 10cm (H)
  • Storage Size:21cm (H) × 10cm (Diameter)
  • Large:
  • Usage Size:198cm (L) × 64cm (W) × 5cm (H)
  • Storage Size:24cm (H) × 11cm (Diameter)
  • R-value
  • 1.2
  • Air Sprung Cells
  • Regular:95
  • Large:132
  • Highlights
  • The new Ether Light XT Air Sleeping Mat is perfect for warmer-weather backpackers and campers looking for a quiet, lightweight air sleeping mat that offers a high degree of comfort.
  • The XT Air-Sprung Cells™ use loops of a strong, flexible material to provide a plush sleeping experience.
  • The uprated 30D / 40D face fabric is quiet and durable, and the lamination technology continues Sea to Summit’s class-leading reliability.
  • Ultralight Backpacking, Bike Touring, Camping
  • Comfort & Support
  • 4 inches of plush support offers a luxurious and stable slumber between you and the cold, hard ground
  • R-Value of 1.2 is designed for warmer-weather use.
  • At 4 inches thick, Ether Light XT Air Sprung Cells™ provides a plush sleeping experience
  • Lighter, quieter and durable 30D / 40D face fabric with Sea to Summit’s liquid-extruded lamination is quiet, durable and extremely reliable.
  • Quick and easy inflation, deflation and adjustment made possible by the patent-pending multi-function valve and supplied Airstream Pump™/stuff sack.
  • PillowLock™ included preventing your Aeros™ Pillow from slipping
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