Sea To Summit Comfort Plus Self Inflating Sleeping Mat 舒適Plus自動充氣睡墊

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尺寸 Size: 標準 Regular
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貨品編號 SKU 
  • STS Comfort Plus Self Inflating Sleeping Mat
  • 物料 Material
  • 30D Polyester with extrusion laminated TPU
  • 重量 Weight
  • 標準: 970g
  • 大: 1300g
  • 標準(長方形)(加闊): 1380g
  • 大(長方形): 1470g
  • 雙人: 2635g
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 標準:
  • 使用尺寸:183cm (長) × 51cm (闊) × 8cm (高)
  • 收納尺寸:26cm (高) × 15.9cm (直徑)
  • 大:
  • 使用尺寸:198cm (長) × 64cm (闊) × 8cm (高)
  • 收納尺寸:33cm (高) × 17.2cm (直徑)
  • 標準(長方形)(加闊):
  • 使用尺寸:183cm (長) × 64cm (闊) × 8cm (高)
  • 收納尺寸:33cm (高) × 17.2cm (直徑)
  • 大(長方形):
  • 使用尺寸:201cm (長) × 64cm (闊) × 8cm (高)
  • 收納尺寸:33cm (高) × 18.5cm (直徑)
  • 雙人:
  • 使用尺寸:183cm (長) × 128cm (闊) × 8cm (高)
  • 收納尺寸:68cm (高) × 19.1cm (直徑)
  • R值 R-value
  • 4.1
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 獨家專利多功能高流量充氣閥口(Patented Valve)再升級,相較傳統螺旋充氣閥,雙向旋轉充氣閥口更輕鬆、快速充/排氣體,輕鬆調整睡墊軟硬度;亦提供單向排氣,可避免在卷起收納時不必要的重新充氣
  • 應用直立 V 型鏤空科技(Delta Core-VTM),透過人體工學計算,於睡墊主體做局部泡棉鏤空,降低 40% 體積,卻不犧牲舒適與保暖度,並保有輕量、體積小的特色,輕鬆攜帶使用
  • 採用對環境友善的專利Ecomate® 高密度泡棉,其材質不會帶來全球暖化、臭氧層損壞與揮發性有機化合物等副作用;並應用了加拿大Ultra-Fresh®抑菌技術,通過歐美國家認證,安全無毒
  • 充氣後睡墊約 8cm 厚;R值約 4.1。(此數據僅供參考;依個人使用狀況、所處地理/氣候環境可能造成感受上的差異)
  • 附維修包
  • 附收納袋
  • 建議於輕量背包客旅行(Backpacking)或是露營(Camping)使用
  • 第1次正式使用前,請先充氣靜24小時,讓泡棉充分展開
  • 使用時請先檢查地面環境,移除可能造成睡墊損壞的物體
  • 打開充氣閥口靜置約5-10分鐘,即可充滿氣體;收納時請從腳部向上捲起,將氣體盡量排出後,展開對折再收捲一次即可輕鬆放入收納袋
  • 因PU泡棉有記憶性,不建議長期壓縮存放;請存放在乾燥的環境、遠離高溫日曬
  • 可使用溫和的肥皂水或戶外服飾清潔劑做局部擦拭,洗後自然陰乾,確認無殘留水氣後再做收納
  • 切記不要在充滿氣體的情況下,將睡墊放在緊閉的升溫環境中(如車內);若要長時間靜置在戶外環境中不使用,記得打開雙側充氣閥口(勿將睡墊充氣閥口呈現緊閉狀態), 避免高溫讓氣體膨漲卻無法排出,造成睡墊損壞的情況發生
  • SKU 
  • STS Comfort Plus Self Inflating Sleeping Mat
  • Material
  • 30D Polyester with extrusion laminated TPU
  • Weight
  • Regular: 970g
  • Large: 1300g
  • Rectangular Regular Wide: 1380g
  • Rectangular Large: 1470g
  • Double: 2635g
  • Dimensions
  • Regular:
  • Usage size:183cm (L) × 51cm (W) × 8cm (H)
  • Storage size:26cm (H) × 15.9cm (D)
  • Large:
  • Usage size:198cm (L) × 64cm (W) × 8cm (H)
  • Storage size:33cm (H) × 17.2cm (D)
  • Rectangular Regular Wide:
  • Usage size:183cm (L) × 64cm (W) × 8cm (H)
  • Storage size:33cm (H) × 17.2cm (D)
  • Rectangular Large:
  • Usage size:201cm (L) × 64cm (W) × 8cm (H)
  • Storage size:33cm (H) × 18.5cm (D)
  • Double:
  • Usage size:183cm (L) × 128cm (W) × 8cm (H)
  • Storage size:68cm (H) × 19.1cm (D)
  • R-value
  • 4.1
  • Highlights
  • Upgraded Patented Valve provides faster inflation/deflation, allowing easy adjustment of the thickness and softness of the mat compared to traditional air valve
  • Larger vertical Delta Cores in non-body contact areas reduce the mat’s weight and bulk
  • Environmentally friendly Ecomate® polyester does not cause greenhouse effect or erode the ozone layer during production
  • Certified antimicrobial Ultra-Fresh® technology
  • Thickness around 8cm after inflation with R value around 4.1 (for reference only, varies with climates and altitude) 
  • Recommended for lightweight backpacking or camping
  • Before using for the first time, inflation and rest for 24 hours to allow the polyester to fully expand
  • Make sure to check the surface before use and remove object that may damage the mat
  • Open the valve and let it inflate by itself for 5-10 minutes
  •  the mat from the leg side up to expel the air, then repeat it once to put in the storage bag
  • PU polyester should not be stored folded as it contains memory
  • Store in dry environment without direct sunlight
  • Clean with gentle detergents or outdoor gear cleaning agents, then let it dry and storage after completely dried up
  • Be mindful not to leave it in closed hot conditions (e.g. inside a car) when it is fully inflated. If it were to be placed in outdoor environment unused, open up the valve to allow expanded gas to get out otherwise the mat might burst
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