Sea To Summit Aeros Down Pillow 充氣羽絨枕頭

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Color: 灰色 Grey
尺寸 Size: 正常 Regular
售價HK$439.00 原價HK$549.00


貨品編號 SKU 
  • Sea To Summit Aeros Down Pillow
  • 重量 Weight
  • 正常 : 70g
  • 大 : 95g
  • 豪華:190g
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 正常 : 34cm x 24cm x 12cm
  • 大 : 42cm x 28cm x 12cm
  • 豪華 : 59cm x 38cm x 12cm
  • 包裝尺寸 Packed Size
  • 正常 : 8cm x 6.5cm
  • 大 : 9cm x 7cm
  • 豪華 : 14cm x 8cm
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • Aeros™ Down Pillow 充氣羽絨枕頭將 Aeros™ 枕頭系列的柔軟性和支撐性與奢華的羽絨枕頂相結合
  • 採用 Spark/Flame 睡袋的技術面料減輕了重量,而且包裝尺寸幾乎小到不可思議
  • 而且 – 當您準備入睡時,您的枕頭不會從墊子上滑落:Pillow Lock™ 系統可讓您的枕頭保持在它所屬的位置
  • 輕巧、可收納至附有的專用收納袋,可輕鬆放入衣服口袋.
  • 可手洗,只需先將閥門關上,再用溫水輕輕揉搓。可風乾 (不可用風筒),再將枕頭搖晃以弄散任何羽絨團塊
  • 優質羽絨墊頂,舒適保暖
  • 柔軟、靜音的 TPU 氣囊提供出色的支撐
  • 來自 Spark/Flame 睡袋的技術面料,重量輕
  • 正在申請專利的多功能微型閥門,便於充氣、調整和放氣
  • 兼容 Pillow Lock™系統
  • SKU 
  • Sea To Summit Aeros Down Pillow
  • Weight
  • Regular : 70g
  • Large : 95g
  • Deluxe : 190g
  • Dimensions
  • Regular : 34cm x 24cm x 12cm
  • Large : 42cm x 28cm x 12cm
  • Deluxe : 59cm x 38cm x 12cm
  •  Packed Size
  • Regular : 8cm x 6.5cm
  • Large : 9cm x 7cm
  • Deluxe : 14cm x 8cm
  •  Highlights
  • The Aeros™ Down Pillow combines the softness and supportiveness of the Aeros™ pillow series with a luxurious down pillow top.
  • Technical fabrics from the Spark/Flame sleeping bags keep the weight down and the packed size almost impossibly small.
  • And – as you drift off to sleep, your pillow won’t be sliding off of your mat: the Pillow Lock™ system keeps your pillow right where it belongs.
  • Light and packable down into a stuff sack that will easily fit into a shirt pocket.
  • Hand-washable. Just close the valve first and use warm water and a gentle kneading motion. Air dry (do not use a dryer) and shake the pillow from time to time to break up any clumps of down.
  • Compatible with the Pillow Lock System.
  • Premium down cushion-top for comfort and warmth
  • Soft, silent TPU air bladder provides excellent support
  • Technical fabrics from our Spark/Flame sleeping bags for incredible lightweight
  • Patent-pending multi-function mini-valve for easy inflation, adjustment, and deflation
  • Pillow Lock™ compatible
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    Sea To Summit Aeros Down Pillow

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