Primus Essential Trek Pot Set 露營鍋具套裝 (0.6L+1L)

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貨品編號 SKU
  • Primus Essential Trek Pot Set (0.6L+1L) 741450
  • 重量 Weight
  • 0.6L 鍋: 140g
  • 1L 鍋(連煎鍋): 270g
  • 總重量: 410g
  • 尺寸 Dimension
  • 0.6L 鍋: 94mm(直徑) x 90mm(高)
  • 1L 鍋(連煎鍋): 117mm(直徑) x 145mm(高)
  • 適用人數 Suitable For
  • 1-2人
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • Primus Essential Trek Pot Set 超輕量鍋具套裝包括一個 1L鍋、一個 0.6L鍋及一個煎鍋,僅重 410g,輕鬆攜帶
  • 套裝內的 1L 鍋具可以放入 230g 高山氣,緊湊設計
  • 輕量陽極氧化鋁湯鍋
  • 0.6L 鍋具附有由PP塑膠製造的鍋蓋,鍋蓋設有矽膠握把,可作為隔水器使用
  • 煎鍋具易潔陶瓷塗層
  • 煎鍋可當作鍋蓋使用
  • 三個提把皆可鎖定及可拆卸,方便使用及提握
  • 鍋底螺旋紋設計,提供良好摩擦力及更佳熱傳導
  • 鍋底加厚設計,幫助熱傳導及將著火風險最小化
  • 附收納網袋
  • 瑞典發明,歐洲製造
  • SKU
  • Primus Essential Trek Pot Set (0.6L+1L) 741450
  • Weight
  • 0.6L Pot: 140g
  • 1L Pot: 270g
  • Total: 410g
  • 尺寸 Dimension
  • 0.6L : 94mm(D) x 90mm(H)
  • 1L Pot:  117mm(D) x 145mm(H)
  • Suitable For
  • 1-2 persons
  • Highlights
  • These anodized aluminum pots are lightweight and are the perfect backpacking pots for efficient meals in the backcountry
  • The Essential Trek Pot Set includes the Essential Trek Pot 0.6L and the Essential Trek Pot 1.0L
  • Two sizes of pots and a frying pan, all made of anodised aluminum
  • The frying pan has a non-stick ceramic coating, which makes it easy to use and wash
  • This small pot includes a lid made of PP plastic and is fitted with a strainer and a silicon handle
  • Boil water, for pasta or your freeze-dried meal, in the pot. Fry up your morning eggs in the frying pan/lid that has a non-stick ceramic coating. 
  • Including 2 pots, a fry pan and three handles
  • All handles are removable and can be configured in numerous ways to make cooking easier or can secure everything together when packed
  • Compact, lightweight, easy to use and always ready to cook
  • Lightweight anodized aluminum pot (1.0L) fits stove attached to the 230g canister for easy packing
  • Frying pan with non-stick ceramic coating
  • Frying pan/pot lid works as a skillet or keeps heat in while boiling water
  • Three lockable and removable handles allow you to cook or transport this kit with ease and sturdy grip
  • Spiral Pattern provides good friction and good heat transfer
  • Thicker Bottom helps distributing the heat and minimizes the risk of burning 
  • Comes with a mesh storage bag
  • Invented in Sweden, made in Europe
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