Nitecore TIKI UV USB充電輕便匙扣燈 (紫外光版)




貨品編號 SKU
  • Nitecore TIKI UV
  • 光源 Light Source
  • Luminus SST-10-UV
  • 亮度 Brightness
  • 紫外光主燈: 1000mW (最大)
  • 白光輔助燈: 70流明 (最大)
  • 電源 Power Supply
  • 內置可充電鋰電池 (USB充電)
  • 連續使用時間 Usage Duration
  • 紫外光主燈:
  • High: 1000mW / 1 小時
  • Low: 180mW / 2 小時
  • 白光輔助燈:
  • High: 70 流明 / 30 分鐘
  • Low: 35 流明 / 1 小時
  • 警示閃: 35 流明 / 11 小時
  • 防水度 Waterproof Level
  • IP66
  • 最強照射距離 Max Beam Distance
  • 紫外光主燈:
  • High: 1000mW / -
  • Low: 180mW / -
  • 白光輔助燈:
  • High: 70 流明 / 12 米
  • Low: 35 流明 / 7 米 
  • 警示閃: 35 流明 / -
  • 尺寸 Size
  • 5.5 cm (長) x 1.47cm (頭部直徑)
  • 重量 Weight
  • 10.5g
  • 充電時間 Charging Time
  • 約 1 小時 20 分鐘
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • Nitecore TIKI 的紫外光版本
  • 主燈採用 Luminus SST-10-UV 紫外光 LED (光功率 1000mW,波長 365nm)
  • 配置 2 顆高顯色性白光輔助燈 (CRI≥90,色温 4500K)
  • 1000mW 大功率紫外光: 主燈採用一顆高光效、壽命長的 Luminus SST-10-UV 紫外光 LED (波長 365nm),光功率達 1000mW,並採用全反射光學透鏡 (Total Internal Reflection TIR),紫外光照射更柔和均勻
  • 多用途匙扣燈: 紫外光源、高顯性白光、白光警示閃
  • 專業檢測應用: 驗鈔防偽、法醫鑒定、石油巡查、珠寶鑒定
  • 日常生活 Gadget: 為螢光體充能、寵物真菌檢測、皮膚異常檢測、証件真偽、捕捉昆蟲、 螢光劑檢測
  • 採用高顯色性 (CRI≥90) 副燈光體作為光源,還原真實色賜彩,適用於多種環境近距離照明場景,如閱讀、營地活動等
  • 連續快按兩下開啟持續照明
         開啟: 在關閉狀態下,快速短按兩下開關按鍵,主燈開啟低亮檔
         關閉: 在開啟狀態下,長按開關按鍵,即可關閉
         在開啟狀態下,每次短按開關按鍵,主燈亮度將按照"低亮檔—高亮檔" 順序循環切換
  • 紫外光續航時間長達 2小時: 內置 130mAh 大容量鋰池,與一節 AAA 電池效能相當
  • 内置可充電聚合物鋰電池
  • 自帶智能鋰電池電電路,Micro-USB 直充
  • 充電時,開關鍵內藏的藍色電量指示燈長亮;充電完成後,藍色電量指示燈將熄滅
  • 不間斷持續照明: 支持在充電狀態下持續照明,即插即用,免除戶外斷電困擾
  • 充電電路多重保護:
        - 防止過度充電
        - 防止過度放電
        - 防止電池短路
        - 完成後自動停止充電
  • 一鍵長按進入紫外光高亮檔位: 在關閉狀態下,長按開關按鍵不鬆手,主燈即進入高亮檔,鬆手即闔關閉
  • 一鍵控制 2 檔亮度/ 2 種光源/ 1 種特殊模式,單手即可輕鬆操作 
  • 連續快按三下開啟輔燈: 開啟輔燈後,每次短按開關按鍵,輔燈將按照 "白光輔燈低亮—白光輔燈高亮—白光輔燈警示閃" 順序循環切換
  • 應用進階電源管理 APC(Advanced Power Cut Off)休眠技術: 在待機狀態下,待機時間長達 365 日
  • 防誤觸按鍵設計: 快速短按兩下開關按鍵,匙扣燈才會開啟,有效防止誤觸開啟
  • 指尖外形、羽量堅固: 主體採用高強度聚碳酸酯 PC(V0) 材料製造,輕巧耐用,廣泛應用於航天、電子等高新行業。精緻通明,緊湊小巧,磨砂表面有效防滑,手感細膩,握持舒適
  • 僅重約 10.5g,尺寸僅尾指大小 (5.5cm)
  • 筒頭採用鋁合金製造,堅固抗壓,散熱出色
  • PC(V0) 材料製造的筒身,堅固耐用
  • 符合 IP66 防水等級
  • 1 米防摔能力
  • SKU
  • Nitecore TIKI UV
  • Light Source
  • Luminus SST-10-UV LED
  • Brightness
  • UV: 1000mW (Max)
  • AUX White: 70 Lumens (Max)
  • Power Supply
  • USB rechargeable, built-in Li-ion battery
  • Usage Duration
  • UV:
  • High: 1000mW / 1h
  • Low: 180mW / 2h
  • AUX White:
  • High: 70 lumens / 30min
  • Low: 35 Lumens / 1h
  • Warning Flashing: 35 Lumens / 11h
  • Waterproof Level
  • IP66
  • Max Beam Distance
  • UV:
  • High: 1000mW / -
  • Low: 180mW / -
  • AUX White:
  • High: 70 lumens / 12m
  • Low: 35 Lumens / 7m
  • Warning Flashing: 35 Lumens / -
  • Size
  • 5.5 cm (L) x 1.47cm (Head Diameter)
  • Weight
  • 10.5g
  • Charging Time
  • ~ 1h 20min
  • Highlights
  • The UV version of TIKI Mini Futuristic Keychain Light
  • Utilizes a primary Luminus SST-10-UV LED (Radiant Power: 1,000mW: Wavelength: 365nm)
  • Equipped with 2 x auxiliary high CRI white LEDs (CRI≥90, Color Temperature: 4500K)
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Built-in Li-ion battery charging circuit with a micro-USB port
  • Multiple Versatile Emitters: UV Light, High CRI White Light and Aux White Warning Flashing
  • High Output UV Light: Utilizing a primary Luminus SST-10-UV LED (Wavelength: 365nm) with a max radiant power of 1000mW and a TIR (Total Internal Reflection) lens for a uniform and soft beam, the UV beam is optimized with a high efficiency and a safe usage
  • UV Light for All-round Professional Applications: Currency Detection, Forensic Science, Petrol Inspection and Gemological Appraisal
  • Multi-purpose Everyday Gadget: Phosphorescent Material Charging, Ringworm Detection, Skin Abnormality Detection, Document Examination, Insect Attracting and Optical Brightener Detection 
  • Mini Body at Your Fingertips: With a transparent and frosted body constructed from durable PC(V0) materials which are commonly used in aerospace and electronics industries, the TIKI UV ensures a comfortable and steady grip and serves as an ultra mini and lightweight futuristic gadget
  • Head constructed from aluminum alloy with superior heat dissipation capability 
  • Ultra lightweight with only 10.5g 
  • Little finger sized with only 5.5cm in length 
  • Utilizes an auxiliary high CRI white LEDs (CRI≥90, Color Temperature: 4500K) which are able to reveal the true color of the objects, suitable for short-range illumination such as reading or camping 
  • Aux White Warning Flashing: The flashing light can be used to signal a warning or draw the attention to guarantee the late-night safety
  • Momentary Access to UV HIGH: When the light is off, press and hold the Power Button to access UV HIGH. Release to turn it off
  • Double Press for Constant-on: 
         On: When the light is off, double press the Power Button to access UV LOW
         Off: When the UV light is on, long press the Power Button to turn it off
         When the UV light is on, short press the Power Button to switch between UV HIGH and UV LOW
  • Accidental Activation Protection: The design of double press effectively prevents accidental activation
  • Triple Press for Auxiliary Lights: When the auxiliary light is on, short press the Power Button to cycle through "AUX WHITE LOW - AUX WHITE HIGH - AUX WHITE WARNING FLASHING"
  • User-Friendly One Button Interface controls 2 outputs with a single switch
  • 2 hours extended runtime for UV light: The built-in 130mAh Li-ion battery has a comparable efficiency with a AAA battery
  • USB Rechargeable: During the charging process, the blue charging indicator located beneath the switch will be steadily turned on. When the battery is fully charged, the charging indicator will be turned off
  • Multiple Charging Safeguards:
         - Overcharge Protection
         - Over-discharge Protection
         - Short-circuit Protection
         - Automatic Termination Upon Completion
  • Advanced Power Cut-Off (APC) technology: An Ultra-low standby current provides a 365-day ready experience in the standby status
  • Continuously Powered by Multiple Sources: Get out of the outdoor illuminating predicament and enjoy the inexhaustible power supply on the go even in the charging status
  • Solid Ring Pull Design: Able to withstand up to 30kg (66lbs) of weight
  • Rating in accordance with IP66
  • Impact resistant to 1 meter
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