Nitecore NWS10 120DB Titanium Survival Emergency Whistle 鈦合金戶外求生哨子

NitecoreSKU: NWS10



貨品編號 SKU
  • Nitecore NWS10
  • 重量 Weight
  • 5g
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 5.2cm x 0.7cm x 0.7cm
  • 產品內容 Includes
  • TC4鈦合金材料製作,不會引起過敏,安全且適合人體接觸
  • 強度高,抗銹抗腐蝕,堅固耐用
  • 一體成形設計,體積小,重量輕
  • 單腔管設計,聲音尖銳,傳播距離遠
  • 120分貝輸出,適合戶外活動、體育賽事、求生
  • 聚四氟乙烯哨芯,耐高低溫,不易老化
  • 去除多餘的設計,強化實用性
  • 防水性能好,進水後仍可發出聲音
  • 附鑰匙圈
  • 使用技巧:
  • 將哨嘴輕輕放入嘴中,用一般呼吸的量吸氣,快速均勻的吹氣
  • 要使求生哨吹得響亮,以下三種方式可供消費者參考
  • SKU
  • Nitecore NWS10
  • Weight
  • 5g
  • Dimensions 
  • 5.2cm x 0.7cm x 0.7cm
  • Includes
  • Constructed from polished TC4 titanium alloy for durability and aesthetic appeal
  • Biocompatible, making it nontoxic to humans
  • Corrosion resistant, sturdy and durable
  • 'UniBody' construction is portable and extremely light weight
  • Ultra lightweight at only 5 grams
  • Single chambered design emits a high pitched frequency for further distance
  • Maximum sound intensity of 120 decibels
  • Perfect for outdoor events, sporting events, security and law enforcement
  • Precisely machined aluminum alloy resonator is durable and strongly resistant to corrosion and extreme temperature
  • Simple and hightly functional design
  • Works in wet or dry condition
  • There are three ways to ensure a louder and more consistent sound: 
    1. Evenly position lips over the air intake, ensuring an airtight seal
    2. Hold the whistle firmly and horizontal to the ground
    3. Deepiy inhale and exhale forcefully
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