Nitecore NL1826R 2600mAh Micro-USB 充電鋰電池

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  • Nitecore NL1826R 
  • 容量 Capacity
  • 2600mAh
  • 電壓 Voltage
  • 3.6V
  • USB充電電壓 USB Charging Voltage
  • 5V
  • USB充電電流 USB Charging Current
  • 800mAh (最大)
  • 重量 Weight
  • 47.3g
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • NL1826R 是一款高性能鋰電池 USB 充電電池,設有 Micro-USB 充電接口,具多種安全保護設計,並通過多項國際認証
  • 兩種充電方式: Micro-USB 充電及充電器充電
  • Micro-USB 充電,方便快捷
  • 充電指示燈: 充電時,紅燈長亮; 充滿後,紅燈變綠
  • 多重保護設計,確保使用安全:
          - 正極內置智能保護電路: 防止過度充電過度放電、短路
          - PTC 過流保護
          - 壓力安全閥保護
          - 隔板微孔保護
  • 內置特製高性能保護電路板
          - 對過度充電、過度放電和電池短路自動進行保護
          - 使用高品質電池保護芯片
          - 電流管理模塊使用大功率 MOS 管,內阻低,輸出性能好
  • 安全結構設計,有效防止短路
          - 前後不鏽鋼鈹金保護片,抗衝擊耐氧化,有效保護電池正負極
          - 全金屬外殼設計,避免電池因碰撞衝擊而短路的風險,有效保護電池
  • 循環充電,節能環保: 一節 NL1834R電池可循環充電超過 500 次,等同於 500 對 CR123 電池
  • 安全可靠,由國際保險公司全球承保,通過多項國際認証
  • SKU
  • Nitecore NL1826R 
  • Capacity
  • 2600mAh
  • Voltage
  • 3.6V
  • USB Charging Voltage
  • 5V
  • USB Charging Current
  • 800mAh (Max)
  • Weight
  • 47.3g
  •  Highlights
  • The new Nitecore NL1826R 18650 battery is a revolutionary battery designed with a built-in micro-USB charging port making charging easier than ever! 
  • The NL1826R batteries are designed for powering high drain devices such as high-output flashlights, lanterns, headlamps, and bike lights, as well as a variety of other appliances and devices
  • Integrated Micro-USB Charging Port
  • Internal Safety Features
  • Certified by International Standards
  • Two Recharge Solutions: Micro-USB Charging, Refilled by Charger 
  • Micro-USB Charging ensures maximum ease of use: During Charging: Red power indicators stays lit; Fully Charged: Power indicator turns green
  • Internal Safety Features:
         - Pressure relief valve protection: Activates in the event of a rapid temperature increase
         - Microporous barrier protects delicate internal components
         - Integrated smart charging circuitry in the anode: Protects against overcharge, over discharge and short-circuit
         - Built-in PTC inhibiting high current surges
  • Integrated High Performance Protected Circuit:
         - Automatically protects against overcharge, over discharge and  short-circuit
         - Utilizes a high quality battery protection IC
         - Utilizes high power MOS FETs in the current regulation module for better efficiency and superior output 
  • External Safety Features:
         - Equipped with gold-plated stainless steel protectors ensuring high impact resistance, good electrical conductivity and oxidation resistance
         - Fully covered by durable metallic wrapper to guard against abrasion
  • Low Cost and Environmentally Friendly: Can be recharged 500 times, the equivalent of 500 pairs of CR123 batteries
  • Globally Insured and Certified by International Standards
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