Nite Ize RunOff® Waterproof Medium Travel Pouch 防水袋(中)

Nite IzeSKU: ROFM-03-R3

Color: 藍色 Blue


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  • Nite Ize RunOff® Waterproof Medium Travel Pouch 
  • 物料 Material
  • PVC, TPU
  • 重量 Weight
  • 50g
  • 尺寸 Dimension
  • 內部尺寸: 20.3cm x 17.8cm (8.0" x 7.0")
  • 防水度 Waterproof Level
  • IP67
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 由 Nite Ize 開發的獨特專利 TRU Zip 防水拉鍊使 RunOff 包與市場上的任何其他產品區別開來。簡單的滑動到安全拉鍊易於使用,並具有防水和防塵密封,防勾絲,創造一個你可以感受到的自信閉合。它的無齒設計是靜音,滑動順暢,並提供最大的可靠性,無論是在雨中還是完全浸入水中
  • RUNOFF 防水袋完全防水、防塵(已通過 IP67 測試),具有革命性的 TRU®Zip 技術,耐用的 TPU 結構和 RF 焊縫,可承受不同環境挑戰
  • 經過測試的防塵和防水 IP67 等級(可承受 1m 深水浸泡 30 分鐘
  • 透明前窗設計,方便你看到袋內物件,甚至使用你的手機
  • 可觸屏
  • 耐用的 TPU 構造,帶有 RF 焊縫,實現最高可靠性
  • 扁平設計,方便收納
  • 支援無線充電
  • 防水、防塵、防沙
  • 可以使用水、肥皂或衛生濕巾清洗
  • 一體成型固定點,用於多種掛放選擇
  • 靜音 TRU 拉鍊技術
  • 使用方法 Instruction
  • 正確使用:要關閉 TRU 拉鍊,請緩慢移動滑塊並用力拉以將其鎖定在拉鍊的末端。如果滑塊未完全合上,拉鍊則無法密封
  • 您亦可定期測試 TRU 拉鍊密封程度:密封 TRU 拉鍊後,將其浸沒於水中,測試RunOff 產品的防水性
  • 如果在測試過程中氣泡從袋子中逸出,請不要使用
  • 重要事項: 產品表現是根據上述正確使用及維護 TRU 拉鍊而定。使用時請保護防水袋免受尖銳物品刺損及擦損。使用前請先檢查防水袋沒有損壞。
  • Nite Ize RunOff® Waterproof Medium Travel Pouch 
  • Material
  • PVC, TPU
  • Weight
  • 50g
  • Dimension
  • Interior Dimensions: 20.3cm x 17.8cm (8.0" x 7.0")
  • Waterproof Level
  • IP67
  • Highlights
  • Keep your gear, phone, and travel must-haves safe and secure while being able to grab and use them whenever you want
  • The transparent front window allows you to quickly scan the pouch for its contents and even text and use apps with your phone safe inside
  • Its slim, flat design lends a hand in the packing department, easily sliding into backpack pockets, purses, and luggage without taking up much space
  • Perfect for storing and safeguarding wallet items, boarding passes, keys, devices, snacks, you name it, the adventure possibilities are endless with a RunOff travel pouch in hand.
  • When combined with its rugged durability and waterproof strength, the RunOff Waterproof Travel Pouch becomes the ultimate travel companion
  • With an IP67 rating for waterproof and dustproof durability, this pouch is built for beach vacations, hiking expeditions, boating, off-roading trips, and beyond
  • Featuring revolutionary TRU® Zip technology, strong TPU construction, and RF-welded seams, there isn't an adventure that RunOff can't handle. In fact, RunOff bags are even built to withstand immersion underwater (up to 1m deep for up to 30 min), protecting your phone and valuables while delivering peace-of-mind.
  • With a smooth gliding zipper and complete seal you can feel, RunOff bags deliver unmatched protection with innovative simplicity and true accessibility
  • Tested waterproof to IP67 (submersible in 1m of water for up to 30 min)
  • Touchscreen friendly
  • Use devices and identify inner items instantly
  • Durable TPU construction with RF-welded seams for ultimate reliability
  • Defends against water, dust, and sand
  • Can be washed with water and soap or sanitizing wipes with your devices inside
  • Allows inductive charging of your phone through the fabric via wireless charging
  • Keeps water out. Seals messes in.
  • Features TRU® Zip waterproof zipper
  • Integrated anchor points for versatile carrying options
  • Recommended zipper lubricants: Any high-performance zipper lube, such as 303 Aerospace Protectant or Armor All
  • Instruction
  • To close the TRU Zip zipper, move slider slowly and pull firmly to lock into zipper end-stop
  •  If slider is not fully closed, zipper will not seal as intended
  •  Test the RunOff bag for waterproofness periodically by submerging after sealing the TRU Zip zipper
  • Do not use if bubbles escape the bag during testing
  • Important: The performance of the product depends in part on correct use and maintenance of the TRU Zip zipper as provided above. Protect the RunOff bag from sharp objects and abrasions during use and always inspect the bag for wear and tear before use. Nite Ize, Inc. is not responsible for any damage caused to any equipment or property from the use of this product
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