Nite Ize RunOff® Waterproof 3-1-1 Pouch 防水袋 Nite Ize RunOff® Waterproof 3-1-1 Pouch

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Nite Ize RunOff® Waterproof 3-1-1 Pouch
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  • Nite Ize RunOff® Waterproof 3-1-1 Pouch 
  • 物料 Material
  • PVC, TPU
  • 重量 Weight
  • 39g
  • 尺寸 Dimension
  • 15cm x 22.4cm x 6.2cm
  • 防水度 Waterproof Level
  • IP67
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • RunOff®徹底改變了防水保護。3-1-1小袋適用於航空旅行,旨在遵守TSA液體規則以便隨身攜帶。這款防水袋採用帶角撐的底部,可保持旅行裝的化妝品,同時保護衣物免受洩漏
  • 耐用的RunOff® 3-1-1 Pouch 防水袋非常適合放置旅行大小的物品, 如洗浴用品,電子產品,書籍以及任何您希望保持組織和保護的小物品。這款袋採用 TSAs 3-1-1 Liquids Rule設計,具有半透明的正面,可輕鬆找到您所需的產品。帶角撐板的底部營造出堅固的立式底座,使3-1-1小袋成為航空旅行和日常使用的完美選擇
  • 由Nite Ize開發的獨特專利TRU Zip防水拉鍊使RunOff包與市場上的任何其他產品區別開來。簡單的滑動到安全拉鍊易於使用,並具有防水和防塵密封,防勾絲,創造一個你可以感受到的自信閉合。它的無齒設計是靜音,滑動順暢,並提供最大的可靠性,無論是在雨中還是完全浸入水中
  • RUNOFF 防水袋完全防水、防塵(已通過IP67測試),具有革命性的TRU®Zip技術,耐用的TPU結構和RF焊縫,可承受不同環境挑戰
  • 經過測試的防塵和防水IP67等級(可承受1M深水浸泡30分鐘
  • 可觸屏
  • 耐用的TPU構造,帶有RF焊縫,實現最高可靠性
  • 適合旅行大小的化妝品或日常用品
  • 防水、防塵、防沙
  • 可以使用水、肥皂或衛生濕巾清洗
  • 帶插角的底部使這款包更加貼合,直立
  • 集成固定點
  • 靜音TRU拉鍊技術
  • 半透明正面可讓您輕鬆找到物品
  • 使用方法 Instruction
  • 正確使用:要關閉TRU拉鍊,請緩慢移動滑塊並用力拉以將其鎖定在拉鍊的末端。如果滑塊未完全合上,拉鍊則無法密封
  • 您亦可定期測試TRU拉鍊密封程度:密封TRU拉鍊後,將其浸沒於水中,測試RunOff產品的防水性
  • 如果在測試過程中氣泡從袋子中逸出,請不要使用
  • Nite Ize RunOff® Waterproof 3-1-1 Pouch 
  • Material
  • PVC, TPU
  • Weight
  • 39g
  • Dimension
  • 15cm x 22.4cm x 6.2cm
  • Waterproof Level
  • IP67
  • Highlights
  • The durable RunOff Waterproof 3-1-1 Pouch is perfect for travel-sized toiletries, electronics, books, and any smaller items that you want to keep organized and protected. Designed to adhere to the TSAs 3-1-1 Liquids Rule, this one-quart pouch features a translucent front, making it easy to find exactly what you need. The gusseted bottom creates a sturdy stand-up base, making the 3-1-1 Pouch perfect for air travel and everyday use
  • The unique patented TRU Zip waterproof zipper developed by Nite Ize sets the RunOff bags apart from anything else on the market. The simple slide-to-secure zipper is easy to use and features a waterproof and dustproof seal that's snag-proof and creates a confident closure you can feel. Its toothless design is silent, glides smoothly, and offers maximum reliability whether it's left out in the rain or fully submerged
  • Tested dustproof and waterproof to IP67 (submersible in 1m of water for up to 30 min)
  • Durable TPU construction with RF-welded seams for ultimate reliability
  • Touchscreen friendly
  • Features patented TRU Zip waterproof zipper developed by Nite Ize
  • Fits travel-sized toiletry products
  • Defends against water, dust, and sand
  • Gusseted bottom allows this bag to fit more and stand upright
  • Can be washed with water and soap or sanitizing wipes with your phone inside
  • Allows inductive charging of your phone through the fabric via wireless charging
  • Integrated anchor points for versatile attachment
  • Translucent front allows you to easily locate items
  • Silent TRU zipper technology
  • Instruction
  • To close the TRU Zip zipper, move slider slowly and pull firmly to lock into zipper end-stop
  •  If slider is not fully closed, zipper will not seal as intended
  •  Test the RunOff bag for waterproofness periodically by submerging after sealing the TRU Zip zipper
  • Do not use if bubbles escape the bag during testing
  • Nite Ize RunOff® Waterproof 3-1-1 Pouch 防水袋 Nite Ize RunOff® Waterproof 3-1-1 Pouch
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