Nite Ize CamJam® XT Aluminum Cord Tightener (with Coyote Paracord) 齒輪掛繩勾(連營繩)

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  • Nite Ize CamJam® XT Aluminum Cord Tightener (with Coyote Paracord) 
  • 物料 Materials
  • 本體:鋁 Aluminum
  • 重量 Weight
  • 66g
  • 尺寸 Dimension
  • 33.6mm X 3048mm X 19mm
  • 最大承重 Working Load Limit
  • 100 lbs | 45 kg
  • 斷裂強度Break Strength
  • 300 lbs | 136 kg
  • 適用繩子直徑範圍 Fits rope sizes
  • 1/16" - 3/16" | 2mm - 5mm
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 鋁製齒輪掛繩勾,輕鬆解決重物的捆綁、懸掛、固定等問題,是戶外及日常生活的便攜捆綁助手,免於複雜的打結過程
  • 通過創新的結構設計,鋁製齒輪掛繩勾能夠輕鬆實現捆綁、懸掛、固定等功能,只需將繩子拉緊,卡扣裝置就會自動鎖緊,且相對牢固
  • 採用高質量鋁材製作,加上高彈力不銹鋼掛件,使其能牢固地固定於可掛扣的地方。拉緊繩子卡入卡扣位,齒輪是自動轉動鎖定繩子的,當需要解開時,只需轉動齒輪或直接將繩子拉出卡扣位即可
  • 實用於各種需求,是戶外及日常生活的捆綁助手
  • 以既安全又省力的方式(只需調整齒輪口上的繩索)幫助你捆緊、固定及連接重物
  • 輕鬆調整齒輪扣上的凸輪,調整繩索鬆緊度
  • 無需打結
  • 耐用鑄鋁材質,特為重物而造
  • 附 3米繩
  • SKU
  • Nite Ize CamJam® XT Aluminum Cord Tightener (with Coyote Paracord) 
  • Materials
  • Body:Aluminum
  • Weight
  • 66g
  • Dimension
  • 33.6mm X 3048mm X 19mm
  • Working Load Limit
  • 100 lbs | 45 kg
  • Break Strength
  • 300 lbs | 136 kg
  • Fits rope sizes
  • 1/16" - 3/16" | 2mm - 5mm
  • Highlights
  • The CamJam XT aluminum rope & cord tighteners feature Nite Ize signature, knot-free CamJam tightening and tensioning technology
  • Cast aluminum, this rugged combination of carabiner and cam mechanism is designed to tighten, tension, connect, and secure serious loads up to 280 lbs 
  • The CamJam XT products feature a carabiner clip and gate on one end, and a rotating cam mechanism on the other. This clever design allows the CamJam XT to be configured in either a Fixed End or a Loop System to securely tie down lumber, gear, and other heavy loads. In both systems, the CamJam XT can be easily adjusted and re-adjusted time and again to tackle a multitude of tie-down projects over the years. The XT holds cord from 1/16"-3/16" [2mm-5mm] in width
  • To use the Fixed End System: simply anchor the carabiner to any hook, D-ring, or loop, and feed the cord or rope through the cam until you've reached the desired level of tension. Next, pull the cord firmly and the cam locks into place and stays that way until you release it.
  • To use the Loop System: Tie a knot to create a loop in one end of your rope or cord. Clip the CamJam XT into that loop, then pull the other end or rope through the cam mechanism. This loop system enables you to bundle or wrap heavy loads and easily secure them.
  • To Release the Cam: simply rotate the cam lock lever and pull your rope or cord upward
  • Allows you to tighten, tension, connect and secure heavy loads by simply pulling your rope or cord through the cam mechanism
  • Easy to adjust and release tension by rotating the cam lock lever
  • Available with 10 ft paracord in Coyote
  • Two attachment methods for ultimate versatility - Loop System and Fixed End System
  • Achieve and maintain high tension without knots
  • Made of durable cast aluminum for heavy loads
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