Nemo Moonlander Dual Height Table 雙高度戶外摺疊桌

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貨品編號 SKU
  • Nemo Moonlander Dual Height Table 
  • 物料 Material
  • 支架:
  • 重量 Weight
  • 2.2k
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 展開尺寸:48cm(長) × 37cm(闊) × 40cm(高)
  • 收納尺寸:37.3cm(長) × 23.9cm(闊) × 3.4cm(高)
  • 產品內容 Contents Include
  • 桌面
  • 支架
  • 收納袋
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 無論您要去哪裡,Moonlander™ 都是您營地裝備中最好的新成員。Moonlander™ 採用可轉換雙高度設計,可為野餐毯上的一對酒杯提供安全著陸,或為您的 Stargaze™ 和 Moonlite™ 躺椅提供完美升高的邊桌。這種設計很有魅力——就像打開一本立體書一樣,它的包裝小到可以放入背包的筆記本電腦格
  • Moonlander 時尚的設計和高品質的硬件在各個層面都超出了預期,從耐用性到美觀性。定制設計的鋁製鉸鏈被模製在桌子上,以實現終​​極的安全性和使用壽命——始終對齊,無需擰緊即可實現流暢的功能。帶有鋅桿尖端的堅固鋁桿扭鎖到位以提升至邊桌高度。不使用時,桌腳可鎖入桌子底側的儲物區,便於收拾行李。光滑、不透水的桌面表面耐熱且易於清潔。Moonlander 隨附設計精美的帶襯墊保護套,或可完美放入背包的筆記本電腦格中
  • 光滑、不透水且耐用的桌面表面由熱穩定尼龍製成,可承受各種元素並易於清潔
  • 雙高度設計提供低野餐毯設置或配上隱藏的桌腳轉為升高的邊桌
  • 高品質硬件帶來更高水平的細節、耐用性和乾淨的美感
  • 定制設計的鋁製鉸鏈被包覆成型到桌面上,以確保其使用壽命
  • 鋁製桌腳與鋅制桿頭相結合,形成穩定且支撐性強的戶外露營桌
  • 邊桌高度為 16 英寸,而野餐高度(指在在沒有椅子的情況下使用)提供了一個 4 英寸的便利平台
  • 設置直觀、快速且簡單 — 只需打開即可達到野餐高度,或使用扭鎖連接並插入桌腳以調節邊桌高度
  • 包括一個設計精美的帶襯墊的收納套
  • 可輕鬆放入背包的筆記本電腦格或軟式保冷袋中,便於攜帶
  • 最大承重:45kg (100lbs)
  • SKU
  • Nemo Moonlander Dual Height Table 
  • Material
  • Frame:Aluminium
  • Weight
  • 2.2kg 
  • Dimensions
  • Expanded:48cm(L) × 37cm(W) × 40cm(H)
  • Storage:37.3cm(L) × 23.9cm(W) × 3.4cm(H)
  • Content Includes
  • Table surface
  • Frame
  • Storage bag
  • Highlights
  • No matter where you're headed, Moonlander™ is the best new addition to your camp kit. With a dual-height, convertible design, Moonlander™ can provide a secure landing for a pair of wine glasses on a picnic blanket, or the perfectly elevated side table for your Stargaze™ and Moonlite™ recliners. The setup is a charm — like opening a pop-up book, and it packs small enough to fit in the laptop sleeve of a backpack.
  • Moonlander’s sleek design and high-quality hardware exceed expectations on every level, from durability to aesthetics. Custom engineered aluminum hinges are molded into the table for the ultimate in security and longevity — always aligned, without the need to be tightened for smooth functionality. Rugged aluminum poles with zinc pole tips twist lock into place to elevate to side table height. When not in use, legs lock into a storage area on the underside of the table for a tidy pack up. A smooth, impervious tabletop surface is heat resistant and cleans easily. Moonlander comes with a sharply designed, padded case or fits perfectly in your pack’s laptop sleeve
  • Smooth, impervious, and durable tabletop surface is made of heat stabilized nylon to endure the elements and clean easily.
  • Dual-height design offers low picnic blanket setup or deploy hidden legs for elevated side table
  • High-quality hardware brings next level detail, durability, and clean aesthetic
  • Custom-engineered aluminum hinges are overmolded into the tabletop for a lifetime of performance
  • Aluminum legs are integrated with zinc pole tips for a stable and supportive outdoor camp table
  • Side table height stands tall at 16 inches, while picnic height (intended to be used without chairs) provides a convenient platform at 4 inches
  • Setup is intuitive, quick, and easy — simply open for picnic level or connect and insert legs with a twist lock for side table height
  • Includes a sharply designed, padded case
  • Easily fits into the laptop sleeve of a backpack or soft cooler for easy carry
  • Load Capacity: 45kg (100lbs)
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