N9 LUMENA2 行動電源照明LED燈

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Color: 黑色 Metal Black
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貨品編號 SKU
  • N9 LUMENA2
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 129mm x 75mm x 22.7mm
  • 重量 Weight
  • 280g
  • 最長使用時間 Max Burn Time
  • 100小時
  • 防水度 Waterproof Level
  • IP67
  • 電池容量Battery Capacity
  • 10,000mah 鋰電池 (包括)
  • 亮度 Brightness
  • 100 - 1500流明
  • LED 種類LED Type
  • LG Innoteck G3 Prime 48ea
  • LED 溫度 LED Temperatures
  • 5700K(Cool) - 4500K(Bright) - 3000K(Warm)
  • 充電時間Hours of Charging
  • 5小時 (5V 2.1A充電器)
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 行動電源+照明LED燈
  • 照明燈包含白色與黃色LED雙色,可以提供三種色溫照明:黃光(色溫約3000k)/暖白光 (色溫約4500k)/純白光(色溫約5700k),依使用情境,調整適合的工作照明色光
  • 四段光源量度調整 ,於第三段或是第四段的亮度,掛在高度約2公尺以下的距離,可提供約地面 4 x 3公尺的舒適照度
  • 內建1/4”三腳架螺絲孔,可以鎖定於三腳架上作為拍照錄影用照明燈
  • 耐重1.5Kg的磁性掛勾設計
  • 防水/防塵設計 (IP67)
  • 本照明燈的USB充電孔有橡膠防水蓋,防水蓋要平整密合封閉,才能提供完整防水功能
  • SKU
  • N9 LUMENA2
  • Dimensions
  • 129mm x 75mm x 22.7mm
  • Weight
  • 280g
  • Max Burn Time
  • 100 Hours
  • Waterproof Level
  • IP67
  • Battery Capacity
  • 10,000mah Li-ion Polymer (included)
  • Brightness
  • 100 - 1500 Lumens
  • LED Type
  • LG Innoteck G3 Prime 48ea
  • LED Temperatures
  • 5700K(Cool) - 4500K(Bright) - 3000K(Warm)
  • Hours of Charging
  • 5 hours (on 5V 2.1A charger)
  • Highlights
  • Implementing the most beautiful and robust design yet maintaining complete usability. It features a compact size, innovative mounting structure, solid outer-body that can withstand harsh outdoor environments, and water/dustproof IP 67 rating. N9-LUMENA2 is a marvelous work that actually embodies all these ideals.
  • Beautiful and Solid.
    The design of the "Semi-Rugged Look", developed by ONANKOREA N9 design research center over two years, completed LUMENA, our most perfect product. The innovative mounting structure, overwhelmingly compact size, the anodized finish of the zinc alloy body, and aluminum hanger made for maximum stremgth are reminiscent of high-end devices.
  • High-performance Lantern
    The compact-sized N9-LUMENA2 arrives in your hand perfectly optimized for all kinds of outdoor activities, including traveling, auto camping and backpacking.
  • 3 Light Color
    3 colors are available, Cool White (5700K), Natural White (4500K), Warm White (3000K). You can create the atmosphere you want according to the environmental situation.
  • LED Package
    Highest rating LG G3 PRIME LED provides bright and soft light by applying LG Innotek's highest rating G3 PRIME LED, a high power, high efficiency, eco-friendly light source. It also lights a wider area because its LED module can diffuse light more efficiently.
  • High Efficiency
    Intelligent mainboard with smart converter IC chip that keeps light at a constant brightness and uses safe Li-Polymer it also uses a 10,000 mAh large-capacity battery that can last up to 8 hrs with a maximum brightness of 1,500LM. 
  • Power Saving
    When using maximum brightness, after 98% power consumption, it changes to minimum brightness in case of sudden power failure, and it lasts for another hour afterward.
  • Robust Structure
    The N9-LUMENA2 is made of strong zinc alloy and polycarbonate and is assembled with 8 SUS (Steel Use Stainless) screws, which are resistant to impact and breakage. The IP67 rated waterproof and dustproof design protects components and prevents water or foreign matter from penetrating, ensuring excellent safety in any outdoor environment.
  • Input
    The standard micro 5 pin USB type allows charging with any smartphone charger. (You can also use the LED function while charging the product.)
  • Output
    With the proprietary auxiliary battery technology of ONANKOREA LUMENA, it supports perfect charging for various devices. It automatically provides output according to the smartphone, and it supports fast and precise charging with the state-of-the-art quick charge smart IC chip.
  • Compatibility
    When power is supplied, it will automatically charge using the correct output depending on the product. Perfect compatibility with Apple/Samsung/LG/Sony/HTC, etc.
  • Intuitive Control
    After charging the main unit, press the first button once and the indicator displaying the remaining battery lights up. Press the button once again to activate the LED. You can adjust the brightness through 4 levels.
  • Magnetic Hook
    The included magnetic hook is easy to attach and detach as it uses magnetic force, so it enables the user to freely mount it on a lantern stand, tarp, tent, etc. The neodymium magnet, which can withstand 1.5kg, can stably connect with the N9-LUMENA2 body, and the hinge structure of the hook can be adjusted to various angles.
  • Hidden Hanger
    The internal sawtooth structure of the semicircular hanger on the back of the main unit is easily connected to the beaner key chain and can be used to mount the lantern at various angles.
  • Tripod Socket
    Equipped with a 1/4-inch tripod socket for various purposes, hot shoe mount, tripod, etc. so can be used as an auxiliary light source for photography.
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    Jack Ho

    N9 LUMENA2 Rechargeable LED Light

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    lee kwan

    very good




    N9 LUMENA2 Rechargeable LED Light

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