Morakniv Bushcraft Knife 高碳鋼直刀

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貨品編號 SKU
  • Morakniv Bushcraft Knife
  • 物料 Materials
  • 刀刃:高碳鋼
  • 刀柄:橡膠
  • 重量 Weight
  • 175g
  • 尺寸 Dimension
  • 總長度:232 mm
  • 刀刃厚度:3.2 mm
  • 刀刃長度:109 mm
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 採用高碳鋼製成的刀刃,經過特殊的熱處理及硬化,提供較高的硬度與強度,鈍掉後也較容易磨利,刀背經過研磨特別適合使用打火石
  • 刀身具有黑色塗層,能夠抗腐蝕、防刮
  • 人體工學設計的TPE 熱塑性橡膠握把,吸震並具有彈性,讓刀柄更容易去抓握及使用,具備力道與精準度
  • 長度達3/4刀根,提供最佳的強度及穩定性,並具有耐衝擊力的特性
  •  高碳鋼材質使用完畢需保持清潔與乾燥,並上油保養
  • SKU
  • Morakniv Bushcraft Knife
  • Materials
  • Blade:High Carbon Steel
  • Handle:Rubber
  • Weight
  • 175g
  • Dimension
  • Unfolded:232 mm
  • Blade thickness:3.2 mm
  • Blade length:109 mm
  • Highlights
  • A sturdy member of the Bushcraft family, this is one of our most robust knives due to its black, 3.2 mm thick blade. The blade is made of carbon steel that we’ve hardened to optimal strength, making the Bushcraft Black extremely resistant under pressure.
  • The carbon steel blade has a black DLC coating that protects against rust and also prevents reflections from the blade. Keep in mind though that carbon steel needs to be maintained, so make it a habit to wipe your knife and oil the blade after using it. The spine of the blade has been ground so that you can use it together with a fire starter – which means critical fire is never far away. The knife sheath contains a belt loop and clip so your knife is always close at hand.
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