Miyaco Single Drip Kettle 宮崎製作所 個人手沖咖啡壺

MiyacoSKU: Miyaco Single Drip Kettle Matte Blanc MC-07

顔色 Colour: 米白色 Matte Blanc


貨品編號 SKUl

  • Miyaco Single Drip
  • 物料 Material

  • 不鏽鋼
  • 容量 Volume

  • 400ml
  • 重量 Weight

  • 180g
  • 尺寸 Dimensions

  • 15.1cm x 15.3cm x 9.7cm
  • 產品特色 Highlights

  • 悠閒的享受,剛剛好一人份的美味
  • 來自日本新瀉燕市的宮崎製作所,日本製造
  • "Single Drip"顧名思義一人份剛剛好的尺寸,在家或是公司,隨時優雅的享用一人份的咖啡
  • 將沸騰的水倒入壺內後,水溫大約為90~85度,最適合手沖咖啡的溫度
  • 無論是耐久性或是衛生,採用日本不銹鋼,保溫性佳
  • *請勿使用於微波爐、瓦斯爐、電磁爐直接加熱
  • SKU

  • Miyaco Single Drip
  • Material

  • Stainless Steel
  • Wood
  • Volume

  • 400ml
  • Weight

  • 180g
  • Dimensions

  • 15.1cm x 15.3cm x 9.7cm
  • Highlights

  • If you are familiar with Japanese tea time, this unique shape may ring a bell-- yes, Japanese tea pot! This tea pot-looking, tiny round pot is, however, carefully designed for hand dripping.
  • Perfect size for one cup
  • Single Drip makes a perfect cup with just a right amount for yourself.
  • By transferring a boiling water from a kettle to this single drip, the temperature will be lowered to 85-90 Celsius, which is the most suitable temperature for brewing. Enjoy an easy and quiet coffee brewing moment. 
  • High quality makes everything easy
  • Sturdy and hygienic stainless assures the quality of this pot, and it comes with a diameter of 7mm spout well-polished inside which realizes very controllable thin stream. The round wooden handle and the knob are so smooth to touch, which will make your brewing time relaxing.
  • Enjoy the tranquility delivered by this Japanese tea time inspired pot.
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