Maserin Croz 976 Full Tang Stainless Knife 全龍骨式不鏽鋼直刀(附磨刀棒)

MaserinSKU: Maserin Croz 976/MCV

Color: 綠色 Green Micarta (976/MCV)


貨品編號 SKU
  • Maserin Croz 976
  • 物料 Materials
  • 刀刃:N690 Hrc 60 Bohler 不鏽鋼 (緞面處理)
  • 刀柄:G10 樹脂 或 米卡塔 (Micarta)
  • 重量 Weight
  • 190g
  • 尺寸 Dimension
  • 刀刃厚度:4 mm
  • 刀刃長度:117 mm
  • 總長度:230 mm
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 優質固定刀刃簡單輕便,長 11 厘米,厚 4 毫米,而刀的總長度為 23 厘米。刀由 N690 鋼製成,是世界上最好的鋼之一,硬度為 HRC 60,碳含量高,可防止刀刃褪色。靠近手柄的鋸齒有助於切割骨骼和其他硬組織
  • 刀柄有三種不同的版本:黑色刀柄和橙色刀柄,均由非常堅固的 G10 樹脂製成,最後是深綠色刀柄,由非常堅固的 micarta 製成。從人體工程學的角度來看,手柄採用防滑技術生產,以防止在用刀劇烈工作期間移動和滑動。刀刃頂部的寬大護罩和輥紋保證了最大的安全性,因此很難失去抓握力
  • 刀柄底部置入了一個方便使用的磨刀棒
  • 緞面飾面刀刃部分呈鋸齒狀,刀脊上有鋸齒,可牢固地抓握。這是一款高品質的固定刀刃獵刀,具有出色的適用性和完成度
  • 一款強韌的全龍骨式刀,設計用於最嚴峻的環境
  • 尼龍護套,設垂直腰帶帶環
  • 意大利製造
  • SKU
  • Maserin Croz 976
  • Materials
  • Blade:N690 Hrc 60 Bohler Stainless steel (Satin Finish)
  • Handle:G10 Resin or Micarta
  • Weight
  • 190g
  • Dimension
  • Blade Thickness:4 mm
  • Blade Length:117 mm
  • Total length:230 mm
  • Highlights
  • The knife’s high quality fixed blade is simple and light, measuring 11 cm long and 4 mm thick, while the total length of the knife is 23 cm. The blade is produced with N690 steel, one of the world’s finest, which possesses a hardness of HRC 60, with a high content of carbon that prevents the knife’s edge from fading. The serration close to the handle facilitates cutting through bone and other hard tissue
  • The handle comes in three different versions: a black handle option and an orange handle, both composed of very sturdy G10 resin, and finally a dark green handle option composed of very sturdy micarta. From the ergonomic point of view, the handle is produced with anti-slip techniques in order to prevent movement and slipping during periods of intense work with the knife. Maximum safety is guaranteed by the generous guard and knurling at the top of the blade, thus making it extremely difficult to lose grip
  • Comes with a handy sharpener that screws into the bottom of the handle
  • The satin finish blade is partially serrated with jimping on the spine for a solid, secure grip. This is a high quality fixed blade hunter with excellent fit and finish and includes a nylon sheath with vertical-carry belt loop
  • A powerful full tang knife, designed to withstand the toughest challenges imaginable
  • Comes with nylon sheath
  • Made in Italy
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