Maserin 986 Full Tang Stainless Knife 全龍骨式不鏽鋼直刀

MaserinSKU: Maserin 986/G10A

Color: 橙色 Orange (986/G10A)


貨品編號 SKU
  • Maserin 986
  • 物料 Materials
  • 刀刃:N690 不鏽鋼 Hrc 60 (100mm)
  • 刀柄:木
  • 重量 Weight
  • 204g
  • 尺寸 Dimension
  • 總長度:210 mm
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 既可以用作剝皮刀也可以用作生存刀的刀。這把刀結實、輕巧,可以用硬幣拆卸,握柄中空設計,內部可放小型求生用品如防風火柴等
  • 刀鋼採 N690 不鏽鋼製作,堅固耐用
  • 由 1 片刀刃、2 片硬木及 2 個螺絲製成
  • 一款強韌的全龍骨式刀,設計用於最嚴峻的環境
  • 尼龍護套
  • 意大利製造
  • SKU
  • Maserin 986
  • Materials
  • Blade:N690 Stainless steel Hrc 60 (100mm)
  • Handle:Wood
  • Weight
  • 204g
  • Dimension
  • Total length:210 mm
  • Highlights
  • Knife for any purpose, born for hunters; it's a very useful for outdoor and survival. It's a very strong fixed blade knife. Its blade is made of the most recently N690 stainless steel. Its handle is fixed to the blade by two screws that can be easily taken apart and reassembled using coin
  • Knife that can be used both as a skinner and as a survival knife. The knife is strong, light, can be disassembled with a coin, and contains a small inner space into which small objects that can be used for survival may be placed
  • Made of 1 blade, 2 liner of hardwood and 2 screws
  • You can put windproof matches, a magnesium bar, a paracol, in the hole inside the handle
  • A powerful full tang knife, designed to withstand the toughest challenges imaginable
  • Comes with nylon sheath
  • Made in Italy
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