LOGOS neos Minivan Living-AI 車尾帳篷

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貨品編號 SKU 
  • LOGOS neos Minivan Living-AI 71805056
  • 物料 Material
  • 營柱:鋼
  • 布料:阻燃性 68D Polyester Taffeta 尼龍 (450mm 抗水壓)、 UV-CUT 抗紫外線加工
  • 重量 Weight
  • ~2.5kg
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 展開尺寸:140cm(長) x 140cm(闊) x 170cm(高)
  • 收納尺寸:67cm(長) × 11cm(闊) × 11cm(高)
  • 套裝內容 Contents Include
  • 外帳 x 1
  • 營柱 (3節) x 2
  • 營釘 x 6
  • 連接吸盤 x 3
  • 營繩 x 2
  • 專用收納袋
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 輕鬆設置!專供 Mini-van 小型貨車使用的生活空間
  • 與各種小型貨車兼容,可以通過將其安裝在車身後部來輕鬆固定在私人空間中。您所要做的就是連接一個吸盤並用釘子固定下擺。非常適合在海中沐浴時換衣服。配有一個方便攜帶的收納袋
  • 非常適合確保更衣、遮陽篷和留在車內的空間: 您可以使用小型貨車的後門來確保更衣空間和生活空間。如果準備了睡袋(另售),非常適合留在車內
  • 只需吸盤和釘子即可輕鬆設置: 只需吸盤和掛鉤即可輕鬆設置,因此即使是一個人也可以。帶有可調節安裝位置的吸盤和可調節繩索長度的繩鎖,兼容所有小型貨車。(* 即使是小型貨車,安裝條件也會因型號而異。* 如果後門的面積極小或畫了很大的弧度,則可能無法安裝)
  • 外帳設防潑水加工處理,抗水壓達 450 mm
  • 外帳布料經抗 UV 處理,可阻擋 90% 紫外線
  • 配有一個方便攜帶的收納袋
  • 說明書
  • SKU 
  • LOGOS neos Minivan Living-AI 71805056
  • Material
  • Poles : Steel
  • Fabrics : Flame Retardant 68D Polyester Taffeta (Water pressure resistance 450mm, UV-CUT processing)
  • Weight
  • ~2.5kg
  • Dimensions
  • Expanded:140cm(L) x 140cm(W) x 170cm(H)
  • Storage:67cm(L) × 11cm(W) × 11cm(H)
  • Contents Include
  • Fly sheet x 1
  • Poles (3 sections) x 2
  • Pin pegs x 6
  • Suction Cup x 3
  • Rope x 2
  • Storage bag
  • Highlights
  • Easy setup! Living space exclusively for minivans
  • The minivan living room, which is compatible with a variety of minivans, can be easily secured in private space by attaching it to the rear of the vehicle body. All you have to do is attach a suction cup and fix the hem with a peg. Ideal for changing clothes when bathing in the sea. Comes with a storage bag that is convenient to carry
  • Ideal for securing space for changing clothes, awning, and staying in the car: You can use the back door of the minivan to secure a space for changing clothes and a living space. If you prepare a sleeping bag (sold separately), it is ideal for staying in the car
  • Easy setup with only suction cups and pegs: It's easy to set up by just sucking and pegging, so even one person can easily set it up. With a suction cup that can adjust the installation position and a cord lock that can adjust the length of the rope, it is compatible with all minivans. *Even if it is a minivan, the installation condition will differ depending on the model. *If the area of ​​the back door is extremely small or if it draws a large arc, it may not be installed
  • Comes with a storage bag that is easy to store because the zipper can be opened from both directions
  • Instruction
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