LOGOS Navajo EX Tepee Living 400-AI 印第安金字塔五人帳篷連前廳

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  • LOGOS Navajo EX Tepee Living 400-AI
  • 物料 Material
  • 營柱:7075杜拉鋁合金
  • 外帳:防燃 68D 尼龍防水布 Pu 1600mm 防水,UV-CUT抗紫外線加工
  • 底帳: 68D 尼龍防水布 Pu 3000mm 防水
  • 布料:UV-CUT抗紫外線加工、防潑水加工尼龍布、超透氣網布、PE 防水底布,符合CPAI-84防火標準
  • 重量 Weight
  • ~8.6kg
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 展開尺寸:465cm(長) x 400cm(闊) x 235cm(高)
  • 內帳尺寸:400cm(長) x 345cm(闊) x 235cm(高)
  • 收納尺寸:68cm(長) × 23cm(闊) × 23cm(高)
  • 套裝內容 Contents Include
  • 外帳
  • 內帳
  • 營柱
  • 營釘
  • 專用收納袋
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 抗風能力強,易於組裝!一個帶豪華客廳的單桿帳篷
  • 新的經典款Tepee設有一個豪華前廳,您可以在這裡存放鞋子和行李,即使在雨中進出時也很難入水
  • 框架易於安裝,由堅固的7075超級硬鋁製成
  • 外帳可以單獨用作天幕
  • 外帳設防潑水加工處理,抗水壓達1600mm
  • 底布抗水壓3000mm
  • 帳內縫線均有防水熱封條,增加防水效果
  • 布料採用防燃處理,符合CPAI-84帳篷類防火測試標準
  • 內帳備有紗門紗窗可拉起以防蚊蟲
  • 外帳布料經抗UV處理,可阻擋90%紫外線
  • 單柱設計,容易搭建及快速拆卸
  • 可以從帳篷內輕鬆打開和關閉,有助於維持舒適的大型通風裝置
  • 中心框架的頂部設有用於掛營燈的掛鉤
  • 配備電源線入口,拉鍊設計可以切斷冷空氣流入
  • 附收納袋
  • 可供5 個成人或 4 個成人+3個小童
  • SKU 
  • LOGOS Navajo EX Tepee Living 400-AI
  • Material
  • Poles : 7075 Aluminium alloy
  • Flysheet  : Flame-retardant 68D polyester taffeta (water pressure resistance 1600mm , UV-CUT processing)
  • Inner Tent : 68D polyester taffeta (breathable water repellent treatment)
  • Floor Sheet : 68D polyester taffeta (water pressure resistance 3000mm)
  • Fabrics : UV-CUT enhancement, water repellent nylon, PE water resistant lowering, ventilating mesh, certified CPAI-84 fire resistant standard
  • Weight
  • ~8.6kg
  • Dimensions
  • Expanded:465cm(L) x 400cm(W) x 235cm(H)
  • Inner Tent:400cm(L) x 345cm(W) x 235cm(H)
  • Storage:68cm(L) × 23cm(W) × 23cm(H)
  • Contents Include
  • Fly sheet
  • Inner tent
  • Poles
  • Pin pegs
  • Storage bag
  • Highlights
  • Strong against wind and easy to assemble! A one-pole tent with a luxurious living room
  • The new classic Tepee has a front room where you can store shoes and luggage while it is difficult for water to enter even when you go in and out in the rain
  • Easy to set up, the frame uses 7075 super duralumin which is strong
  • Fly sheet has water repellent properties, with water resistant level up to 1600mm
  • The fly sheet can be used as a screen tarp by itself, so it can be used according to the situation
  • Lowering of tent is water resistant with level up to 3000mm
  • Seams are taped and enhanced with water resistant heat-seal
  • Fabrics are processed to fit the fire resistant standard CPAI-84
  • Inner tent contains mesh doors and windows for bug isolation
  • Fly sheet is processed with UV-CUT, can block 90% UV
  • The one-pole structure consisting of only one pole makes assembly and withdrawal speedy
  • Can be used as a large tarp by removing the inner tent
  • The large ventilation that assists in comfortable living can be opened and closed easily from the room
  • Equipped with a lantern hook on the frame
  • Equipped with power cord inlet. With a zipper, it shuts off cold air firmly
  • Comes with a storage bag that can be easily stored because the zipper can be opened from both directions
  • For 5 adults or 4 adults + 3 kids
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