LOGOS Partitioned Earthenware Oden Pot (with Wooden Lid) 陶製關東煮鍋(連木蓋)

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  • LOGOS Partitioned Earthenware Oden Pot (with Wooden Lid) 81062206
  • 物料 Material
  • 陶土
  • 重量 Weight
  • ~4.5kg
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 整體:41.5cm(長) x 25.2cm(闊) x 17cm(高)
  • 鍋:41.5cm(高) x 23.5cm(闊) x 12.5cm(高)
  • 木蓋:39cm(高) x 25.2cm(闊) x 5cm(高)
  • 每格 : 17.5cm(長) x 21.5cm(闊) x 10cm(高)
  • 容量 Capacity
  • 整體:~6.8L
  • 每格:~3.4L
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 帶間隔的陶製關東煮鍋
  • 陶製關東煮鍋重現職人風味
  • 分隔式設計可以同時進行兩種料理
  • 底層防滑條設計
  • 木質上蓋,亦可當作砧板
  • 原創底部設計與 LOGOS The Pyramid Takibi 摺疊燒烤爐(需另購) 完美契合 (請在購買前檢查尺寸)
  • *用於燒烤架和篝火前請務必使用防滑條檢查其是否處於穩定狀態,以免滑落。如果鍋內包含內容物,它會很重,因此請注意烤架的負載能力
  • SKU 
  • LOGOS Partitioned Earthenware Oden Pot (with Wooden Lid) 81062206
  • Material
  • Pottery
  • Wood
  • Weight
  • ~4.5kg
  • Dimensions
  • Whole:41.5cm(L) x 25.2cm(W) x 17cm(H)
  • Pot:41.5cm(L) x 23.5cm(W) x 12.5cm(H)
  • Wooden Lid:39cm(L) x 25.2cm(W) x 5cm(H)
  • Each Division: 17.5cm(L) x 21.5cm(W) x 10cm(H)
  • Capacity
  • Whole: ~6.8L
  • Each Division: ~3.4L
  • Highlights
  • Full-scale cooking in a clay pot! Square oden pot with a partition
  • Simultaneous cooking is OK because there is a partition! : You can cook two meals at the same time, such as two types of pots
  • The original bottom design fits perfectly with tubular grills and pyramids TAKIBI: The unevenness of the bottom fits perfectly with the separately sold tube grill frame and pyramid TAKIBI's trivet. If you use it together, you can easily cook outdoors. You can also use it on your own grill. (*Please check the size before purchasing. Can be used on BBQ grills and bonfires. Be sure to use a slip prevention stopper to check that it is in a stable condition so that it will not slip off before using it. If you include the contents, it will be heavy, so please be careful about the load capacity of the grill)
  • With a wooden lid that can also be used as a cutting board: If you turn over the attached wooden lid, you can use it as a cutting board. It is a great success from preparation to boiling
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