Light My Fire Tinder-on-a-Rope™ 野外生火木條(附掛繩)

Light My FireSKU: Light My Fire Tinder-on-a-Rope™



貨品編號 SKU
  • Light My Fire Tinder-on-a-Rope™
  • 物料 Material
  • 墨西哥高原山松
  • 重量 Weight
  • 50g
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 15cm x 2.2cm x 2.2cm
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 天然油脂保護,即使潮濕的環境也容易點燃
  • 刮成木屑就可以一次升很多把火
  • 彈性束繩適合附掛於背包
  • 純天然無毒
  • 含有80%以上的樹脂,所以燃燒的是油脂並非木頭本身
  • 燃燒的火焰溫度較紙類或石蠟高,更容易引火
  • SKU
  • Light My Fire Tinder-on-a-Rope™
  • Material
  • Stumps from Pinus Montezumae in Honduras
  • Weight
  • 50g
  • Dimensions
  • 15cm x 2.2cm x 2.2cm
  • Highlights
  • Easy to light even when wet
  • Scrapped into pieces to burn, one stump can be used many times
  • Stretchable rope for hanging onto backpacks
  • All natural & environmentally-friendly
  • Up to 80% resin content, it is the resin (oil) that burns not the wood
  • Burns with a hot flame compared to paper and paraffin, easier to ignite
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