G-Works Gas Saver Plus

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  • G-Works Gas Saver Plus
  • 物料 Material
  • Anodized Super Duralumin
  • Brass
  • 重量 Weight
  • 38g
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 能使用邊爐氣罐為高山氣罐充氣
  • 備有放氣閥門,能為受氣氣罐釋放純氣化氣體
  • 注意事項 Cautions
  • 用家需衡量身處的環境和所使用的氣罐方可進行充氣
  • 在香港常見的過氣方式就是以邊爐氣氣罐充氣往高山氣氣罐,邊爐氣罐含氣量一般都為230-250g,視乎不同牌子,而常見高山氣氣罐含氣量則有三種,分別為110g、230g,及至450g
  • 謹記先量度受氣氣罐淨重量(用盡/釋放全部燃料)
  • 以110g高山氣氣罐為例,假設氣罐淨重99g(每個氣罐淨重都有少許不同,請獨立量度),以一罐全滿的250g邊爐氣氣罐充氣,裡面只能夠充到不多於110g氣體,建議最好只充到七至八成滿,即80g氣體加99g罐重,共重179g就要停止了
  • 充氣過程中必需不斷秤量,避免充氣過量
  • 充氣過量可能造成高山氣氣罐底部膨脹,甚至爆開,又或者在使用時出氣狀況極不正常,火焰過大等等,所以切記不要充氣過量
  • 如氣罐生鏽則不宜再用
  • SKU 
  • G-Works Gas Saver Plus
  • Material
  • Anodized Super Duralumin
  • Brass
  • Weight
  • 38g
  • Highlights
  • Can fill camping gas canister with butane gas canister
  • Contains valve for the gas canister to release gas content
  • Cautions
  • Be aware of your surrounding and pay attention to the type of gas canister in use before you consider gas filling
  • In Hong Kong, the common gas filling mode would be to fill camping gas canisters, which comes with 3 types namely 110g, 230g and 450g, with butane gas canisters, which usually contains 230-250g according to the brand 
  • Be mindful to weigh the receiving canister before filling (make sure you exhaust the fuel beforehand)
  • Take a 110g camping gas canister as an example. Assume the canister weighs 99g (each canister might weigh differently, please make sure you weigh it beforehand), if you fill it with a 250g butane gas canister, you can fill a maximum of 110g gas only. It would be advisable to fill up to 70-80%, which means 80g gas plus 99g canister weight making up to  a total of 179g 
  • Frequent weighing is essential to avoid over-filling
  • Over-filling may cause the bottom part of camping gas canister to bulge out or even explode. It might also lead to malfunctioning when trying to operate, causing unpredicted flaming. So make sure you do not over fill
  • Rusted gas canister must not be used
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