FREEZE TECH 氷撃 Cooling Arm Sleeves 多功能防曬冰袖

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Color: 黑色 Black
尺寸 Size: 男裝 M's L/XL
售價HK$349.00 原價HK$399.00


貨品編號 SKU
  • FREEZE TECH Cooling Arm Sleeves
  • 物料 Materials
  • 79%尼龍
  • 21%聚氨酯
  • 上臂最大周長 Upper Arm's Maximum Circumference
  • 黑色、白色:
  • 男裝 (L/XL ): 26cm-28cm
  • 女裝 (One-sized) : 22cm-24cm
  • 藍色、黃色、紅色:
  • S : 22cm-24cm
  • M : 24cm-26cm
  • L : 26cm-28cm
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 日本製造
  • 冷卻的高性能輕壓縮防曬冰袖,易於穿上和除下,可集中支撐手臂的運動
  • 對汗液有反應的特殊冷紋可改善運動員在炎熱環境中運動場景中的表現
  • 除了涼爽的接觸面料,FREEZE TECH在整個襯裡上還具有特殊的印花,其中含有赤蘚糖醇和木糖醇。當用這種“特殊的冷感印花”處理的纖維吸收人體皮膚產生的水分(汗)時,由於其吸熱特性,纖維的溫度下降,從而產生冷感。另外,受風還可以讓您感覺更冷
  • 吸水快乾: 快速吸收水分並乾燥。即使出汗,穿著也會帶來舒適感
  • 抗菌除臭劑: 對織物進行抗菌和除臭處理以抑制細菌在纖維上的生長,從而抑制異味的產生
  • 防紫外線 UV: 由於使用防紫外線率為90%或更高(UPF40或更高)的防紫外線織物,因此可以防止曬傷
  • 縱橫伸縮: 由於它在垂直和水平方向(2WAY)都可以伸縮,因此它具有出色的拉伸性,可以平滑身體的運動,減輕由於不愉快的張力引起的壓力,並可以舒適地貼合身體
  • 平縫機用於縫製方法,使穿著更舒適
  • 即使反覆洗滌也能保持涼爽性能 (只耍印花粘在有料上)
  • 適合多種戶外活動
  • SKU
  • FREEZE TECH Cooling Arm Sleeves
  • Materials
  • 79% Nylon
  • 21%Spandex
  • Upper Arm's Maximum Circumference
  • Black, White:
  • Men's (L/XL ): 26cm-28cm
  • Women's (One-sized) : 22cm-24cm
  • Blue, Yellow, Red:
  • S : 22cm-24cm
  • M : 24cm-26cm
  • L : 26cm-28cm
  • Highlights
  • Made in Japan​
  • Cooling high-performance light compression arm cover that is easy to put on and take off and supports arm movements intensively
  • A special cool print that reacts to sweat improves athlete performance in the sports scene in hot environments
  • A flat seamer is used for the sewing method to make it more comfortable to wear
  • PERFORMANCE LINE is a pattern design model designed to support smooth movement without restrictions so as not to interfere with any movement. Using stretch material and mesh panel with excellent sweat absorption and quick-drying and elasticity, it combines ease of movement and muscle support during exercise, and the special cold feeling print applied to the skin side of the fabric reacts to sweat, and due to heat absorption characteristics By lowering the temperature of the fabric, you can keep your body cool and cool during workouts and games. The two-way stretch material does not interfere with any movement and the seams are flat for a comfortable fit. In addition, the UV cut specifications protect the body from ultraviolet rays, and the antibacterial and deodorant processing prevents the generation of "unpleasant odors
  • The ice silk material will make you feel cooler when you doing any outdoor activities
  • Cool print performance lasts even after repeated washing (As long as the print sticks to the fabric)
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