DACH LED Light Strip 露營燈串

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DACHSKU: Light Strip

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  • DACH LED Light Strip 
  • 物料 Material
  • 聚丙烯
  • 重量 Weight
  • ~290g
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 營燈尺寸:1.5cm(直徑) 共80個
  • 燈串長度:~9m
  • 電源 Power Supply
  • USB 端口
  • 亮度 Brightness
  • 2 流明 (每個燈球)
  • 防水度 Waterproof Level
  • IP42
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 防水性能 IP42、長尺寸、 LED球 80 個,易於使用!
  • 這是一串長 9m 的 LED 燈,帶有 80 個 LED 燈泡。由於是長型,因此可以與窗台空間、寬敞的內部空間、花園綠地等交織在一起。近年來,時髦的豪華帳篷裝潢非常適合裝飾您的場地。點亮一個小的LED 80球的外觀非常閃閃發光,並且很吸引人。由於它是一種防水結構,已獲得IP42 *防塵和防水滴計劃,因此可在聖誕節期間在戶外露營場景和花園中使用
  • 使用聚丙烯物料的燈泡,即使燈泡相互碰撞或掉落,也很難破斷。它甚至更輕,因此易於攜帶和處理
  • 由於它是長壽命的LED,即使在點亮時也不會發熱,因此即使在有小孩的家庭中也可以安全使用
  • 當連接到移動電源或帶有USB電源的PC上的USB端口時,它便會亮起
  • 拔下/插入USB端口以打開/關閉電源
  • 另外,如果通過將其連接到同一品牌的多功能營燈 "LUNAR" 來使用時,則將使戶外氛圍更加令人興奮
  • 請勿在惡劣天氣下或長時間暴露在潮濕環境中使用
  • SKU
  • DACH LED Light Strip 
  • Material
  • Polypropylene
  • Weight
  • ~290g
  • Dimensions
  • Camp light:1.5cm (Diameter), 80 in total 
  • String length:9m
  • Power Supply
  • USB port (type-A) connection type
  • Brightness
  • 2 lm/globe
  • Waterproof Level
  • IP42
  • Highlights
  • Waterproof performance IP42 / long size / LED80 ball for outstanding ease of use!
  • It is a string LED light with a length of 9m and 80 LED bulbs. As it is a long type, it can be entwined with windowsill spaces, large interiors, garden greens, etc. In recent years, the trendy glamping is perfect for decorating your site
  • The appearance of lighting a small LED 80 ball is very glittering and attractive. Since it is a waterproof structure that has acquired dustproof and drip-proof plan IP42 *, it will be useful in outdoor camping scenes and gardens during the Christmas season
  • Polypropylene is used for the light bulb. It is hard to break even if the light bulbs collide with each other or drop. It's even lighter, so it's easy to carry and handle
  • Since it is a long-life LED, it does not get hot even when it is lit, so it can be used safely even at home with children
  • It lights up when connected to a mobile battery or a USB port on a PC with a USB power supply.
  • Also , if you use it by connecting it to the multifunctional lantern "LUNAR" of the same brand, it will make the outdoor atmosphere even more exciting.
    * The specifications are such that solid matter of 1 mm or more does not enter, and there is no problem even with angled rain or water droplets. (In case of heavy rain, it may cause a malfunction.)
  • Do not use in severe bad weather or in an environment exposed to moisture for a long time
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    DACH LED Light Strip

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