CamelBak Zephyr™ Vest 戶外運動跑山越野背包(連500ml軟水樽2個)

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  • CamelBak Zephyr™ Vest
  • 背包容量 Gear Capacity
  • 10L
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 39 cm x 27 cm x 15 cm
  • 水樽容量 Hydration Capacity
  • 500ml x 2
  • 重量 Weight
  • 200g
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 以輕量簡化的剪裁設計,整體重量非常輕盈,背心空重只有 200g,並有 10L 的容量,適合平日訓練、登山、越野比賽等,配合穿著也有十足的運動風
  • 以 3D 合身剪裁,將背心與背包融合,並且以網狀布面,讓重量維持輕盈。網狀布面更有排汗排濕效果,使身體不粘膩,背負時舒適合身
  • 二段式胸扣,能依照身型做調整, 對於水袋背心的選擇部分,個人覺得胸扣部分是非常重要的,可以提高穩定度,讓奔跑時減少晃動與摩擦
  • 背帶部分設計了8 個置物口袋,適合放手機、零錢包或快取的補給品等
  • 背心背面容量最大的 10 公升儲物空間,強調快速置物,一般這空間可以放一套換洗衣物以及一件外套,或是也能再放入一個CRUX™ 1.5L 水袋做搭配使用
  • 水樽開口部分為免蓋式,也就是以一體成型的矽膠組成,要喝時牙齒輕咬,瓶口就會打開,並且不會溢漏
  • 附送QUICK STOW™ 500ml 軟水瓶 2 個,共為 1 公升,並以旋轉式鎖水閥設計,一體成型的矽膠咬嘴,不用開蓋就可以輕鬆補水
  • 設行山杖固定位
  • 反光物料
  • 附安全口哨
  • 雙水管出口
  • 防微生物物料
  • SKU 
  • CamelBak Zephyr™ Vest
  • Gear Capacity
  • 10 L
  • Dimensions
  • 39 cm x 27 cm x 15 cm
  • Hydration Capacity
  • 500ml x 2
  • Weight
  • 200g
  • Highlights
  • Designed to perform for your specific pursuit, Zephyr™  Vest is lightweight and engineered with body mapping for optimal ventilation
  • Equipped with smart organization and two Quick Stow™ flasks to deliver 1 liter of hydration to keep you running
    Engineered Knit Mesh: Light and breathable material made with body mapping technology to ventilate areas of the body that generate the most heat
  • Dual Adjustable Sternum Straps: Offers a range of adjustments for a custom fit and increased stability
  • Fuel and Gear Storage: Multiple stow options, easily accessible
  • Secure Phone Pocket: Keep essentials safe and easy to access
  • Reflectivity: For low light safety
  • Trekking Pole Attachment: Easily attach and remove poles when needed
  • Polygiene® Anti-Microbial
  • Safety Whistle: Be heard in case of an emergency
  • Reservoir Compatible, not included
  • Dual Exit Tube Routing
  • 8 Exterior Pockets
  • Made with Ultra Light Materials
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