Black Diamond Volt Lantern 戶外營燈(可當作移動電源使用)

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Color: 藍色 Demin
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貨品編號 SKU
  • Black Diamond Volt Lantern 
  • 重量 Weight
  • 224g
  • 最長使用時間 Max Burn Time
  • 150小時
  • 防水度 Waterproof Level
  • IPX4
  • 電源 Battery
  • 3x AA (不包括)
  • 2,600mah 鋰電池 (包括)
  • 亮度 Brightness
  • 250流明
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • Volt是Black Diamond創新營燈產品線的新成員,它是Zip營燈的加強版,可在任何野營情況下提供250流明的光亮
  • Volt能夠使用內置的可充電鋰電池或 3 節AA筆芯電池供電,具有多種用途,並具有內置USB充電和輸出端口,非常適合在偏遠地區為手機供電
  • Volt適用於那些深夜帳篷聚會的調光器,鎖具和頻閃燈,燈籠還具有懸掛/站立功能,使您可以照亮營地,無論是從桌子還是在樹上。
  • Volt具有扁平,緊湊的外形,可打包使用,不會在您的下一次冒險中浪費寶貴的空間
  • 具有 250 流明的最大亮度
  • USB 電源輸入及輸出
  • 可懸掛或站立
  • 開關掣可鎖定,避免意外開啟營燈浪費電力
  • 兩段調光和頻閃模式
  • 可使用內置充電式鋰電池或標準筆芯電池(3粒AA)(本產品不包括)
  • 可當作移動電源使用,於戶外也能為電話及電產品充電
  • IPX4防水度,下雨時仍可運作
  • 說明書
  • SKU
  • Black Diamond Volt Lantern 
  • Weight
  • 224g
  • Max Burn Time
  • 150 hours
  • Waterproof Level
  • IPX4
  • Battery
  • 3x AA (not included)
  • 2,600mah Lithium battery (included)
  • Brightness
  • 250 lumens
  • Highlights
  • A 250-lumen basecamp and backpacking lantern, the Volt runs on an intergrated rechargeable lithium battery or standard AA batteries, and features USB charge in and charge out ports—ideal for charging a cell phone in the backcountry. The Volt includes a hanging option or can stand alone making it perfect for lighting up camp no matter where you are
  • A new addition to our innovative lantern line, the Volt is the big brother of our Zip lantern and features 250 lumens of light for every camping situation. With the ability to run on an integrated rechargeable lithium battery or three AA’s, the Volt is versatile and features a built-in USB charge in and charge out port that’s perfect for powering up a cell phone in the backcountry. The Volt dims, locks, and strobes for those late-night tent parties, and the lantern also features a hanging/stand feature, allowing you to light up camp, whether that’s from a table or a tree. With a flat, more compact form factor, the Volt is a packable option that won’t waste valuable space on your next adventure
  • Emits 250 lumens on max setting
  • USB charge in/out port
  • Hangs or stands
  • Lock mode to preserve battery life
  • Dims or strobes
  • Runs on rechargeable lithium battery (included) or three AA batteries(not included)
  • Instruction
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