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It’s compact with a good knife, tooth pick and tweeter. Lightest of Victorinox multi tools, Ranger series too. For those who need a knife only.

Sweet sweat towel

I love this! I hang this with the pouch on my backpack so I can have it with me on the hot hk days

New grip

The new grip isn’t as comfortable and natural as the previous shark system imho



Well made, great value

Excellent value

LEKI UltraTrail FX One Superlite Trail Running Poles

Stargaze Reclining Camp Chair

It’s a chair that rock! Operates like a hammock too and most comfortable with a foot rest (this is the only desired item to have).

Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack (2023 Version)

Primos XL Lite stove

Great portable stove

Pleasant shopping experience

Very informative and professional seller. And they ships out so fast.
I’ll definitely come back again as well as share this shop to my friends.

Awesome Torchlight

Great torchlight! Good packaging and delivery by wildholics. The nite core torch packaging came well protected and in good condition, delivery is prompt. The torch is a beast and fulfils my work requirements. The charging and battery indicator is what I needed most as I cannot wait for the torch to die on me. The light is round and the circle of the beam is uniform. From my naked eye, the colour looks neutral enough. Anyway I would definitely purchase again if the need arises but I think this torch will stay with me for a long time. Thanks guys

LEKI UltraTrail FX One Superlite Trail Running Poles

purchase backpack online

good quality and delivery in short time

Love it. one of the best umbrella I've ever used. Despite its larger size, it's light and sturdy.

Good Poles!

Thanks god ! I bought it. Its really really good.

The edge of the cap doesn’t fits well with my head

Snugpak Roller Kitmonster G2

Originally, I planned to get Eagle creek cargo hauler XT, it about the same size but cost double. I already paid & confirmed my order thru Shopee but after 1 week, the vendor cancelled my order. So I have to find an alternative and found snugpak and after receiving it, I was very satisfied with the product, and comparable with the Eagle Creek but much cheaper.

Great and speedy service by Wildholics

Thanks to Wildholics for carrying Hilleberg tents. They are the best and the Nammatj is especially suited for our canoe trip in June in Canada GT. Wildholics delivered fast and reliably . Thanks !!

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filteration System SP129

Excellent product!

Sealskinz Soft Touch Thin Ankle Waterproof Socks

Black Diamond Spot 400-R Rechargeable Headlamp