Vargo Titanium Para-Bottle™ T-452


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  • Vargo Titanium Para-Bottle™ T-452
  • Material
  • Titanium
  • Weight
  • 280g
  • Dimensions
  • 21.6cm x 8.4cm
  • Volume
  • 1L
  • Highlights
  • A water bottle, is a water bottle, is a water bottle, right? Unfortunately, not all bottles are created equal.
  • Crafted from pure titanium, our Para-Bottle™ is tougher, stronger, and safer than other water bottles so that the only thing you have to worry about is how much fun is too much fun. And when you find yourself in over your head, unwind the 7 foot paracord carry loop and pull yourself out to safety, improvise fishing line, make a bow drill, splint your broken tent pole, or your leg. It'll be there when you need it most.
  • We set out to build a better water bottle. This is it.
  • Pure grade titanium construction for strength, durability, and light weight
  • Completely biocompatible for leach-free, flavor-free, and corrosion-free peace of mind
  • Food grade silicone o-ring seals water in tight
  • Individually machined geometric shaped lid for easier opening, even with gloves or cold fingers
  • 7 foot paracord carry loop can be removed for use or customized with different colors, knot styles, and lengths
  • Wide mouth opening is compatible with common water filters and accessories
  • Narrow profile is easy to grip and fits in most water bottle pockets
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