Terra Nova Titanium 2g Skewer Pegs (6 pcs)

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  • Terra Nova Titanium 2g Skewer Pegs (6 pcs) 
  • Material
  • Titanium
  • Dimenisions
  • 130mm x 2.3mm each
  • Highlights
  • These Terra Nova Titanium 2g Skewer Pegs are designed for seriously lightweight camping.
  • If you're off adventure racing or pack weight is your primary concern, these could be the pegs for you…
  • Made from titanium, these pegs are impressively strong despite their tiny weight of just 2g each. That's right, just 2g each!
  • The whole pack of 6 pegs only weighs 12g.
  • Terra Nova also make a 1g peg, which is great, but these 2g pegs will hold better in waterlogged ground. This is definitely something to consider if you're after a stress-free night's sleep and the terrain could be wet.
  • With such tiny pegs you may be concerned that you'll lose them in the grass. But, Terra Nova have thought of that. Each peg top has been dipped in bright orange paint so that you can spot them more easily when it's time to break camp. Thanks, Terra Nova!
  • Pack of 6
  • Ultralite Titanium Peg
  • Marked with orange paint
  • Holds better than the 1g version
  • Great for lightweight camping or adventure racing
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