STYLE JAPAN Kayari Mosquito Coil Case


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  • STYLE JAPAN Kayari Mosquito Coil Case
  • Material
  • Body: Pure aluminum (99% or more)
  • Handle: Rattan
  • Weight
  • ~130g
  • Dimensions
  • 13.4cm(D) x 10cm(H) (Handle Length: 10cm)
  • Package Size: 15cm(L) x 15.3cm(W) x 3cm(H)
  • Highlights
  • This mosquito incense burner named "Kayari" was designed by the famous Japanese designer Makoto Koizumi. Usually the Japanese for mosquito incense burners is written as "mosquito incense burners", but the designer believes that incense burners can be used not only for mosquito coils in summer, but also for various incenses throughout the year, so they named it "Kayari"
  • Made of pure aluminum with a content of more than 99%, so it is very light. The design of the handle is convenient to hold and can also be hung in the home or outdoor. The overall concise design is also Makoto Koizumi's consideration in order to integrate traditional incense into modern life
  • Compact and lightweight, only ~130g, easy for storage and carry
  • Foldable handle which does not take up space when stored
  • Hook design at the tip of the handle, so you can use it by hanging it on a string or hook with the notch in
  • The hand-made rolled wisteria on the handle is gentle to the touch and hard to slip
  • Suitable for use at home or outdoor activities like camping
  • As it has a lid, ash does not easily scatter
  • On the bottom of the lid has three protrusions, so even if you leave the lid on the table or floor, it does not get dirty easily
  • Included one non-combustible mat made of fine glass-fiber which has excellent strength, heat resistance and chemical resistance. You can place the mosquito coil directly on it (It is normal and safe that the mat turns back after using it)
  • The non-combustible mat is reusable (If you are worried about dirt, replace it once every 1 to 2 months) 
  • Suitable to use any mosquito coils (not included in this product)
  • Made in Japan
  • Product Content
  • Main Body x 1
  • Lid x 1
  • Non-combustible Mat x 1
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    Flora Lee

    STYLE JAPAN Kayari Mosquito Coil Case

    Alex Wu

    STYLE JAPAN Kayari Mosquito Coil Case



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