SOTO Smoke Wood Chips (7 scents)


Flavour: Apple Tree
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  • Cheery wood: SOTO ST-1311
  • Apple wood: SOTO ST-1312
  • Walnut wood: SOTO ST-1313
  • Hickory wood: SOTO ST-1314
  • Oak wood: SOTO ST-1315
  • Classic: SOTO ST-1316
  • Whisky: SOTO ST-1317
  • Material
  • Natural wood from Japan
  • Weight
  • 500g
  • Dimensions
  • 17cm x 9cm x 28.5cm
  • Highlights
  • Good for any food
  • Stored inside a zipped bag, easy to keep
  • Natural scent, no chemicals added
  • Instructions
  • Place the wood chips onto the smoker tray and put it into the smoker
  • Ignite the fire
  • Heat until it smokes then you can start smoking the food
  • Cautions
  • If it burns with a flame, put it off as you only need the smoke
  • Each handful of wood chips can be burnt for around 15 minutes (depending on the flame and the environment)
  • Put off the fire and remove all ashes before replacing the wood chips with a new one, otherwise the food might be filled with ashes
  • You can add coarse sugar into the wood chips for smoking to make better looking and more tasty cuisine
  • Since the wood chips are as hot as the flame, be mindful of the heat
  • Stay away from kids
  • Do not take out the wood when smoking
  • Make sure the wood chips and the ashes are completely burnt out before throwing it away
  • Do not use the wood chips for purposes other than smoking the food
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    SOTO Smoke Wood Chips (7 scents)

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