Snow Peak Pack & Carry Fireplace S Base Plate Stand ST-031BS

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  • Snow Peak ST-031BS
  • Material
  • Steel (cation electrodeposition coating)
  • Weight
  • 0.8 kg 
  • Dimensions
  • Usage: 26cm(L) × 26cm(W) × 7.6cm(H)
  • Storage: 36.5cm(L) × 18cm(W) × 7.6cm(H) (1/2 sheet)
  • Highlights
  • Reduces the damage caused by the heat of the bonfire to the turf
  • Relaxes the heat dissipation of the bonfire and protects the grass and microorganisms
  • A stand dedicated to the bonfire S (Snow Peak St-031) 
  • A separate base plate S (ST-031BP) is required to use it
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