ROOT CO. Gravity MAG REEL 360°

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  • ROOT CO. Gravity MAG REEL 360°
  • Material
  • ABS / polycarbonate / polyethylene (PE) / silicon / brass / stainless / magnet
  • Weight
  • ~ 3.4g
  • Dimensions
  • Main Body: 12.4cm(L) x 4cm(W) x 1.6cm(D)
  • Reel string maximum: Approximately 85 cm
  • Highlights
  • Code reel key holder with carabiner with MAGNET built-in. It can be attached to a backpack, bag or belt loop to hang an iPhone case or key. 
  • For preventing important items from falling or being lost.
  • The stretchable reel string is approximately 85cm in length, and the magnet load capacity is approximately 3.4kg. (Please use the thing suspended on this product less than 300 g)
  • Carabiner specification for both upper and lower, so it is easy to attach and detach with one touch
  • The lower reel has a built-in magnet, so you can securely hold suspended smartphones and keys. Prevents the reels from being stretched by their own weight.
  • The magnet joint rotates 360 °, so it is easy to handle from any angle.
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    ROOT CO. Gravity MAG REEL 360°

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