Grower's Cup The CoffeeBrewer - Guatemala Organic

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  • Grower's Cup The CoffeeBrewer - Guatemala Organic
  • Farm
  • Cooperative Esperansita
  • Coffee
  • Fairtrade And Organic Certified, 100% Arabica Coffee From Guatemala
  • Processing
  • Washed
  • Altitude
  • 800m
  • Weight
  • 540g
  • Highlights
  • A little more than medium roasted coffee gives you a good body and herbal notes mixes with a taste of dark chocolate, prune and red fruits
  • Certified organic and fairtrade product of the non-EU agriculture
  • Grown and harvested in natural environment, with no retained chemical ingredients, the true taste and scent of coffee can be preserved
  • We are treasuring the hard work of farmers in particular, paying them what they deserve to improve their lives
  • The brewer are specially designed so that you can brew your coffee elegantly without worry of spilling
  • Ingredients contain EU approved microwaved materials with no chemical product, safe for drinking
  • High quality coffee is guaranteed whenever hot water is available
  • Easy to make while the quality is comparable to coffee brewed by coffee plunger
  • The package can withstand high temperature, effectively acting as a pot
  • Each pack can brew two cups of coffee (150ml each)
  • Highly portable and you don't need to bring an extra pot
  • Package can be reused multiple times for brewing
  • 100% Arabica Coffee from farms in Cooperative Esperansita in Guatemala
  • Ideal for camping and travel, also suitable for daily uses in office
  • Instructions
  • 1) Open the top sealed part of the package 
  • 2) Make sure you manipulate the base part of the package so that it can stand on its own on a flat surface
  • 3) Twist open the water out lid
  • 4) Pour in 300ml hot water
  • 5) Reseal the top part
  • 6) Wait for 2-6 minutes (depends on your preference, the longer the wait the stronger the taste!)
  • 7) Here you go!
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