AMVEL VERYKAL Ultra lightweight Auto Open & Close Umbrella


Color: Cassis Grape
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  •  AMVEL VERYKAL Ultralight Umbrella
  • Dimensions
  • Canopy Size:97cm
  • Stowed Length:26cm
  • Weight
  • 164g
  • Highlights
  • VERYKAL is an ultra-lightweight, auto open & close umbrella of 164 grams. It is the lightest of its kind in the world
  • The umbrella frame uses lightweight and durable carbon fiber, which is also used in aircraft
  • In addition, we succeeded in developing the umbrella with super water-repellency of nanotechnology and automatic opening & closing with one push of a button
    * Shaft storage should be made manually
  • Anti-UV 70~90%(depends of the color)
  • By making the springs thinner, the entire shaft is thinner and the entire umbrella bone is lighter
  • The umbrella fabric is woven with a 15 denier thread that is also used for stockings. Fabric made with 15 denier yarn is very thin and light. The fabric texture is supple and firm, making it easy to fold
  • Handle is moderately round and easy to hold
  • By miniaturizing the handle, it became lighter
  • The wind resistance test shows that it will not break even at a wind speed of 12m/s
  • VERYKAL has obtained the evidence of a third-party inspection organization that performs opening and closing operations 500 times at a rate of 6 times per minute, checking whether the opening and closing operations are smooth, and that there is no abnormality
  • Easy-Dry is a coating that lasts a long time with strong water repellency. By improving the water-repellent agent to nano-class fine particles, the water-repellent coating penetrates deep into the fiber, making it difficult to peel off. The washing test that artificially degrades the umbrella fabric was repeated 20 times, and then the water repellency was measured. The water repellency is 90 points (100 points is the maximum), which gives good results
  • Easy-Dry is produced in an Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified factory
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