Snow Peak Grill Burner Seppou-En GS-355 瓦斯燒烤爐 雪峰苑

Snow PeakSKU: GS-355



貨品編號 SKU
  • Snow Peak GS-355
  • 物料 Material
  • 本體 : 不鏽鋼、黃銅、壓鑄鋅、樹脂
  • 集水盤 : 鋼 (搪瓷鍍層)
  • 烤盤 : 鑄鐵 (矽酮耐熱塗裝)
  • 重量 Weight
  • 5kg (烤盤 2.7kg)
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 250 x 360 x 175 mm (不含瓦斯管、器具栓)
  • 火力 Output
  • 1,700kcal/h
  • 氣體消耗量 Gas Consumption
  • 157g/h
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 鑄鐵烤盤的全尺寸烤肉爐,可以美味地烤出厚厚的牛排。配備控溫器,即使在低溫和長時間的烹飪中也能發揮穩定的火力
  • 鑄鐵烤盤的全尺寸烤肉爐,可以美味地烤出厚厚的牛排:烤肉店一樣,隔著氣爐也能輕鬆享用正宗烤肉。多餘的油脂會通過烤盤中心的孔落入集水盤中,因此烤得健康。[2018年優良設計獎得主]
  • 一種鑄鐵烤盤,具有極佳的蓄熱性,可用於烹製美味的厚牛排:藉由傾斜的角度收集的多餘油脂並從中心的孔落到集水盤,烤出健康的美食,同時抑制過多的油煙產生。與荷蘭鍋等產品相同,只要適當保養就能長久使用
  • 配備“控溫器”,可在低溫下實現穩定的火力:即使遇到烤肉這種需要長時間烹飪的情形也能發揮效果。它在夏季(30℃)和冬季(0℃)下都能發揮相同性能
  • 易於護理的搪瓷鍍層的集水盤:它是一種深型的戶外用設計,可以讓您在使用完鍋具後,需要將含油的水拿到特定地點丟棄
  • 輕鬆清潔每個部分:由於烤肉架本體、擋風板、立架等都可以輕鬆拆解,因此即使在進行容易弄髒器具的烹飪(例如烤肉)後,也能輕鬆清潔每個部分
  • 可以用一輩子的鑄鐵烤盤:直接加熱鑄鐵烤盤而不是鐵板+烤肉網設計,藉著讓多餘的油脂落入集水盤的設計,最大限度地減少油煙的產生,同時大大減輕了令露營者困擾不已的清潔烤肉網的負擔
  • 220g 氣罐約可燃燒 90分鐘;420g 氣罐約可燃燒 180分鐘 (※本資料會因使用條件而異)
  • 附收納袋
  • *本產品並不包含氣罐
  • 說明書
  • 產品內容 Product Content
  • 烤爐本體、烤盤、集水盤、收納袋、固定用綁帶
  • SKU
  • Snow Peak GS-355
  • Material
  • Body : Stainless Steel, Brass, Zinc Die-Cast, Resin
  • Water Dish : Steel (Hollow Finish)
  • Griddle : Cast Iron (Silicon Heat Resistant Coating)
  • Weight
  • 5kg (Griddle 2.7kg)
  • Dimensions

  • 250 x 360 x 175 mm (excluding hoses and instrument plugs)
  • Output
  • 1,700kcal/h
  • Gas Consumption
  • 157g/h
  • Highlights
  • A full-scale grilled meat burner of "cast iron" griddle that can grill thick steaks deliciously. Equipped with a regulator, it demonstrates stable heating power even at low temperatures and for long hours of cooking
  • A full-scale grilled meat burner of "cast iron" griddle that can grill thick steaks deliciously: An item that allows you to easily enjoy authentic yakiniku like a yakiniku restaurant over a gas fire. Excess fat falls into the water dish through the hole in the center of the griddle, so it is baked healthy. An optional "Snow Peak Seppou Takoyaki Plate" is also available. [2018 Good Design Award Winner]
  • A cast iron griddle that has excellent heat storage and can be used to cook thick steaks deliciously: Excess fat collected by the slope falls from the hole in the center to the water dish, and it is baked healthy and suppresses the generation of excess smoke. Like the Dutch oven, you can use it for many years if you take care of it
  • Equipped with a "regulator" that realizes stable thermal power at low temperatures: It is effective even when cooked for a long time such as grilled meat
  • An easy-care water dish with an enamel finish: It is a deep outdoor specification that allows you to throw away oily water in place after use
  • Easy to clean every corner: Since the burner body, windshield, and legs can be disassembled, you can easily clean every corner even after cooking, where utensils such as grilled meat tend to get dirty
  • "Iron" griddle that can be used for a lifetime: Directly heat the "cast iron" griddle instead of the plate + net. Of course, the design allows excess fat to fall into the water pan, minimizing smoke generation. And it greatly reduces the burden of cleaning the net, which is a problem for campers
  • Equipped with a "regulator" to bake meat firmly even near 0 ° C in winter: It is a system that can obtain the same performance in both summer (30 ℃) and winter (0 ℃)
  • Comes with storage case
  • *Gas cartridge is not included
  •  Instruction
  • Product Content
  • Burner body, griddle, water dish, storage case, binding band
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