Vargo Titanium Wharn-Clip Knife T-439 鈦合金刀

VARGOSKU: Vargo Titanium Wharn-Clip Knife T-439



貨品編號 SKU
  • Vargo Titanium Wharn-Clip Knife T-439
  • 物料 Material
  • 鈦合金
  • 重量 Weight
  • 20g
  • 尺寸 Dimension
  • 刀刃長度: 6.9cm
  • 總長度: 13.8cm
  • 厚度: 0.3cm
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • Made from a special Japanese titanium alloy, the Vargo Titanium Wharn-Clip Knife is 1.5 times harder and 3 times stronger than pure titanium. Its “Wharncliffe” shape and single bevel grind make for an incredibly strong, sharp, and easy to hone blade. The integrated clip and efficiently designed Kydex sheath offer convenient and safe carrying. It’s the perfect lightweight knife for feathering up fuzz sticks or preparing trailside meals.
  • Wharncliffe design for excellent point control and full blade cutting power
  • Single bevel grind for exceptional strength, sharpness, and ease of honing
  • Integrated clip for convenient carrying
  • Kydex sheath for lightweight protection
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