Petromax Grill Fire Skillet GP30 with One Pan Handle 單柄條紋鑄鐵煎鍋 (30cm)

PetromaxSKU: Petromax Grill Fire Skillet GP30 with One Pan Handle



貨品編號 SKU
  • Petromax Grill Fire Skillet GP30 with One Pan Handle
  • 物料 Material
  • 鑄鐵
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 30cm(直徑) x 6.7cm(高)
  • 重量 Weight
  • ~4kg
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • Petromax 條紋鑄鐵煎鍋非常適合燒烤肉類、蔬菜和食物,為食材增添上可口誘人的烤紋,又能隔開多餘的油脂,吃的美味又健康
  • 每個家庭廚房都需要必備的鑄鐵煎鍋,多變化的料理方式,適用電磁爐、電晶爐、瓦斯爐、烤箱或是木炭,
  • 直接就可開始烹煮料理
  • 2.5 公升容量
  • 通過歐盟食品級安全認證
  • 鑄鐵(生鐵)儲熱效果好,鑄鐵鍋受熱後高溫且均勻、恆溫效果非常好。煎煮食物的時候,鑄鐵鍋的溫度不會隨著放入的低溫食物而降低鑄鐵鍋的溫度,所以煮出來的食物都鮮嫩而多汁
  • 鑄鐵的材質本身有毛細孔、所以可以把油脂在鍋內加熱並均勻的塗滿整個鍋子,並加熱讓油脂燒進鑄鐵鍋的毛細孔內,就可以形成天然無毒的不沾鍋層
  • 德國製造,耐用、耐重的結構設計
  • 每次使用完畢須上油養鍋,避免生鏽,並且有助於在表面形成一層無毒無害的不沾塗層
  • SKU
  • Petromax Grill Fire Skillet GP30 with One Pan Handle
  • Material
  • Cast Iron
  • Dimensions
  • 30cm(D) x 6.7cm(H)
  • Weight
  • ~4kg
  • Highlights
  •  Petromax Grill Fire Skillet gives your dishes the perfect flavour as if freshly taken from the gril
  •  The ridged pan surface not only gives your food the typical grilling pattern but also provides for especially low-fat roasting, as meat and Co. lies on the ridges and excessive fat can drain
  • Cast iron stands out through its special properties: The heat is distributed fast and evenly and afterwards stored for a long time, which allows you to serve prepared dishes directly in the skillet. Thanks to its seasoned finish, you can use the durable and robust skillet right after purchase and clean and care it easily after use. The valuable patina ensures a natural taste and improves with each use
  • You can use your Grill Fire Skillet outdoors on the open fire, grill and Co. as well as indoors on any stove type and in the oven
  • The gp30 with pan handle and small handle on the opposite site is easy to handle and can be hung up at the eye
  • Made in Germany, very durable
  • After use, dry up thoroughly and grease lightly in order to seal the surface of your griddle and fire bowl and prevent rusting
  • EFSA approved
  • Naturally non-stick, ideal for frying 
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