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  • Nitecore MP25 Modular Backpack 
  • 物料 Material
  • Wearproof and water resistant 500D Nylon fabric
  • 重量 Weight
  • ~1.5kg
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 50cm(長) x 27cm(闊) x 17cm(高)
  • 容量 Capacity
  • 25L
  • 產品特色Highlights
  • 滿足較長時間執行任務、日常通勤和短途出行的攜行需求
  • 採用 500D 輕質高強度防水尼龍製造,耐磨防刮,重量輕,承重力強
  • 表面經過塗層處理,耐水及抗污能力好,適合全天候多環境使用
  • 主格 25L 大容量全開口設計,方便裝取及收納:可裝載電腦、衣服、毛毯、鞋子、筆記簿等多種出行必備物品;全開口設計方便用戶快速放置及拿取,集中收納各種物品
  • 雙快取式隔格:方便快速拿取,行於物品分類收納
  • 背外電腦格:可裝載 14" 筆記簿電腦
  • 可拆卸 PE 棉 + 鋁合金支撐條:更好地固定保護電腦
  • 擁有強大的擴展性,正面、側面均有由激光切割而成的 MOLLE 系統,可扣載多種附包、工具使用或懸掛登山杖、防潮墊等裝備
  • 擴展掛點,輕量強韌:支持更多的外掛附包、模塊,提高在各種複雜環境下的攜行能力,機動靈活
  • MOLLE 由 500D 尼龍、複合層、裡襯複合而成,堅韌且承重力強
  • 多種附包自由可選(需另購):如 NUP10NUP20 等,可配合包身 MOLLE 系統使用
  • 多功能內格魔術貼毛面加 MOLLE 設計,應用性強:
         - 掛點設計:固定電腦附包
         - 內格三面均為魔術貼毛面+ MOLLE 設計,可搭配附包使用,更好地分類整理物品
         - 水袋固定帶:可掛扣水袋,便於用戶補充水份
         - 網格收納格:可放衣物、証件、地圖等物品
  • 出色高透氣背負系統有效減輕負重壓力增強舒適感:S 型加厚背帶設計,有效減輕肩部壓力,符合人體工學的 3D 網面背墊,減少脊椎受力,增強背負舒適感
  • 高強度尼龍提手:隨時拿取,快捷方便
  • 背包頂部兩側均有人性化管線通道設計:可導出水管和充電線等物品
  • 加長拉頭:便於戴手套操作
  • 採用 YKK 拉鍊 及 UTX Duraflex 扣具,持久耐用
  • 頂部收納格:方便收納小件物品,防止物品雜亂或丟失
  • 可拆卸線帶設計:可裝載輕質外套、毛巾等物品
  • 魔術貼區:可粘貼個人識別信息或反光條
  • 包身壓縮帶條:可壓縮背包厚度,使具緊貼,身體不亂晃
  • 背帶獨特設計:可調節胸帶高度,亦可固定飲用水管
  • 腰間連接扣:方便日常減負,分散背負壓力。增強背負舒適感
  • 底部防雨罩收納格:方便收納防雨罩(需另購)
  • SKU
  • Nitecore MP25 Modular Backpack 
  • Material
  • Wearproof and water resistant 500D Nylon fabric
  • Weight
  • ~1.5kg
  • Dimensions
  • 50cm(L) x 27cm(W) x 17cm(H)
  • Capacity
  • 25L
  • Highlights
  • Designed for long-duration operations, commuters and overnighters
  • Wearproof and water resistant 500D Nylon fabric, lightweight with high strength: The ultra durable, outstanding lightweight and wearproof performance guaranteed by the water and dirt resistant coating makes the backpack all-weather applicable
  • 25L main compartment with full opening: Perfect for your outdoor gear including laptops, tablets, clothes, blankets and trekking shoes. The frontal full opening design is convenient to quickly pack or unpack your belongings on your outdoor tours or commuting trips
  • Dual Frontal Quick Draw Compartment
  • Aux 14" Laptop/ Tablet Compartment
  • Replace PE Foam + Aluminum Alloy Stay
  • Frontal and Side Laser Cut MOLLE System for modular extensions: Perfect for hanging pouches or tools such as trekking poles or ground cloths
  • Specially designed attachment points: For carrying more pouches and modules to expand its loading ability
  • Ultra Tough 3-Layer Structure: 500D Nylon, Lamination Membrane, Lining
  • Customizable Selections: Build up your personalized carry with unlimited possibilities on its MOLLE System, such as NUP10  and NUP20 (sold separately)
  • Multi-functional interior design with combination of loop surface and MOLLE System: 
         - The three-side loop surface + MOLLE interior is also modular expandable to better sort out your items
         - Attachment Points: For attaching the laptop or tablet module
         - Hanging Strap: For attaching the hydration pack
         - Mesh Compartment: For storing clothes, documents or maps
  • Outstanding carrying system increases the ergonomic comfort: S-shape shoulder straps with 3D mesh pads
  • Reinforced Nylon Handle: Enables a quick and convenient carry
  • Innovative dual duct channel design for the drink tube / charging cable on top of both sides
  • Extended Pull Tab: Friendly for glove users
  • Premium YKK zippers
  • UTX Duraflex buckles: Durable and gearless of the complex outdoor environment
  • Top Compartment: For storing small gadgets
  • Detachable Cord: For loading light coats or towels
  • Loop Areas: For nametapes and reflective stickers
  • Compression Strap: For adjusting the thickness and clinging the backpack to the body
  • Unique Strap Design: With an adjustable chest strap and for attaching the drink tube
  • Waist Buckles: To disperse the pressure for a comfortable carry
  • Rain Cover Compartment: For storing the rain cover (sold separately)
  • Optional inner and outside modules available
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