Nite Ize HITCH® Phone Anchor + Tether 手機防丟繩

Nite IzeSKU: HPAT-01-R7

Color: 黑色 Black


貨品編號 SKU 
  • Nite Ize HITCH® Phone Anchor + Tether
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 61cm (最長)
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 這是一款適合在你手機和手機殼間,讓你可以輕鬆地將手機繫在一起,可以保護你手機防止掉落受損、丟失或被盜
  • 這款手機防丟配件,配置了一條彈性線圈(最大延展長度達61cm),一片靜電貼片。薄式的貼片用於插在手機殼與手機之前形成手機外掛的固定點,通過標配的帶鎖8字扣與彈性線圈快速連接到腰帶環,背包帶或其他連接點
  • 貼片對手機充電無影響,內置貼片後的帶殼手機依然可以進行插線充電或無線充電
  • 有助於防止手機跌落和被盜,確保手機安全和方便
  • 利用超薄的靜電貼片貼合手機和手機之間,簡單完成外掛圈的固定
  • 外接可拆卸的彈性線圈可延伸至24英寸(約61cm)
  • 手機貼片的外掛圈設計足夠薄,適配手機殼的充電孔位,不干擾手機插充電線充電
  • 配有兩個不鏽鋼帶鎖8字扣,可以快速把手機連接到腰帶環,背包帶或捲繞成腕帶
  • 適用於具有標準尺寸充電孔位的手機殼
  • 相容有線和無線充電(手機與手機殼間安裝了靜電貼片後,不會影響到手機的有線充電或者無線充電)
  • 組件包括:Hitch Phone Anchor(靜電貼片)和帶有兩個不鏽鋼帶鎖8字扣的彈性線圈
  • 非常適合從事戶外探險到城市郊遊和日常安全等各種活動
  • SKU 
  • Nite Ize HITCH® Phone Anchor + Tether
  • Dimensions
  • 61cm (Max Length)
  • Highlights
  • The Hitch fits between your phone and case, allowing you to easily tether your phone for security, drop protection, and convenience
  • The Hitch Phone Anchor + Tether combines our unique Hitch Phone Anchor with a coiled tether to keep your phone accessible while protecting it from drops, loss, and theft
  • The ultra-thin Hitch Phone Anchor sits between your phone and case, allowing the small ring anchor point to feed through the phone case's charging port
  • Protects from drops and theft
  • Keeps your phone secure and convenient
  • Ultra-thin Hitch Phone Anchor fits between case and phone
  • Removable coiled tether extends up to 24 inches
  • Anchor point is designed to fit through your case's charging port without interfering with charging
  • MicroLock double-gated carabiner features a twist-to-lock center locking mechanism
  • Detachable MicroLocks allow quick connection to belt loops, backpack straps, or to the coiled tether to create a cinching wrist strap on the fly
  • Works best with cases that feature a standard-size charging port
  • Compatible with both corded and wireless charging
  • Includes: Hitch Phone Anchor and coiled tether with two MicroLocks
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