Nemo Fillo™ Bello 3-in-1 Pillow 3合1充氣枕頭

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  • Nemo Fillo™ Bello 3-in-1 Pillow 
  • 物料 Material
  • PrimaLoft®
  • 重量 Weight
  • 121g
  • 尺寸 Dimensions
  • 使用尺寸:69cm (長) × 33cm (闊) × 12cm (高)
  • 收納尺寸:13cm (高) × 7cm (直徑)
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • NEMO Fillo Bello 的設計巧妙,將枕頭、氣泵及收納袋三個功能整合在一個輕巧的裝備中,可滿足您的超輕量旅行需求
  • 柔軟的棉質汗布表面在塞滿衣服後可作為舒適的枕頭;它亦是一個睡墊用氣泵袋,因此您可以給睡墊充氣,而不會從你的吹氣中引入水氣;更可作為一個收納袋
  • 作為氣泵時,Fillo Bello可與所有NEMO睡墊兼容。只需將閥門固定到泵的進氣口,打開袋子,讓空氣進入
  • 氣泵的工作原理是將氣閥固定到氣泵的進氣口,向袋中充入空氣,將其關閉,然後捲起幾圈,將空氣從袋內推入睡墊中
  • 填充一個典型的睡墊通常需要大約 7-10 次泵氣
  • PrimaLoft® 合成絕緣材料與 3" 熱塑性聚氨酯內膽相結合,可提供出色的緩衝作用
  • Fillo Bello枕頭具有與NEMO Fillo Elite枕頭相同的形狀和柔軟的材料
  • Nemo Fillo™ Bello 3-in-1 Pillow 
  •  Material
  • PrimaLoft®
  •  Weight
  • 121g
  •  Dimensions
  • Usage:69cm (L) × 33cm (W) × 12cm (H)
  • Storage:13cm (H) × 7cm (D)
  •  Highlights
  • The NEMO Fillo Bello is an ingenious design that combines three functions (pillow, pump and dry-bag stuff sack) in one tiny, lightweight piece of gear for your ultralight travels
  • The soft cotton jersey surface is a comfortable pillow when stuffed with clothing; it is a pad pump bag so you can inflate pads without introducing moisture from your breath; and it triples as a dry bag. When ounces count, getting more utility out of your gear is a smart move
  • As a pump, the Fillo Bello is compatible with all NEMO sleeping pads; just secure the valve into the pump intake, open the bag to allow air in
  • Pump works by securing the valve to the pump intake, filling the bag with air, closing it and giving it a few rolls to push the air from inside the bag into your pad
  • It usually takes about 7-10 "pumps" to fill a typical sleeping pad
  • PrimaLoft® synthetic insulation combined with a 3 in. thermoplastic urethane bladder provides lofty cushioning
  • The Fillo Bello pillow offers the same shape and soft materials as the NEMO Fillo Elite pillow
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