Monte Equipment Fastpack 32L Ultralight Backpack 超輕量背包

Monte EquipmentSKU: Monte Equipment Fastpack 32L Black

Color: 黑色 Black


貨品編號 SKU
  • Monte Equipment Fastpack 32L Ultralight Backpack 
  • 物料 Material
  • 420D NYLION Composite Fabrics
  • 重量 Weight
  • 500g
  • 容量 Capacity
  • 32L
  • 建議負重 Load Range
  • 12 kg (最大)
  • 尺寸 Dimenisions
  • 77cm x 36cm x 23cm
  • 背長: 48cm
  • 產品特色 Highlights
  • 將 Fastpacks 視為我們的“近距離”越野包。當路線上植物茂密,無法識別個人空間,需要偶爾向上和越過不可移動的物體,並需要努力移動時,Fastpacks 堅固耐用的 420D 尼龍複合面料面板口袋將保護您在一整天輕鬆取物,並避免任何不必要的障礙。Fastpacks 的超輕且經過時間考驗的主隔間採用 100% 防水的 420D 複合面料製成,因此無論您選擇的路線走向何方,您都可以在營地打開乾爽的裝備
  • 32L 的容量非常適合週末、分段或穿越補給點不那麼頻繁的徒步旅行,或者是裝備靈活性的理想選擇。當不使用額外的容量時,Fastpacks 32L 頂部可以向下捲動到足以使背包的整體尺寸與 27L 相似,但是當您需要時,額外的空間可以派上用場
  • 32L 容量
  • 卷頂系統
  • 前袋
  • 腰帶袋
  • 肩袋
  • 負載升降系統
  • 底袋
  • 登山杖環
  • 10mm 泡棉
  • 3D 間隔網格
  • 尼龍織帶
  • Acetal (乙縮醛)快拆扣
  • SKU
  • Monte Equipment Fastpack 32L Ultralight Backpack 
  • Material
  • 420D NYLION Composite Fabrics
  •  Weight
  • 500g
  • Capacity
  • 32L
  • Load Range
  • 12 kg (Max)
  • Dimensions
  • 77cm x 36cm x 23cm
  • Back Length: 48cm
  • Highlights
  • Think of the Fastpacks as our “close quarters” trail pack. When the route is thick with vegetation that fails to recognize personal space, requires the occasional up and over immovable objects, and calls for “suck in your gut and shimmy through” type moves, the Fastpacks solid and durable 420D Nylon Composite Fabrics panel pockets will keep those contents you want to easily grab throughout the day protected and free from any unwanted snags. The superlight and time-tested main compartment of the Fastpacks is constructed with 100% waterproof 420D Composite Fabrics, so regardless of where your chosen trail is heading, and despite what Mother Nature feels like sharing each day, your chances of unpacking dry gear at camp are better than great
  • The volume size 32L is ideal for weekend, section, or thru hikes where resupply points are less frequent, or for equipment flexibility. When the extra volume is not in use, the Fastpacks 32L top can roll down enough to make the overall size of the pack similar to 27L, but that additional space can come in pretty handy when you need it
  • 32L capacity
  • Rolltop System
  • Front Pocket
  • Hip Belt Pocket
  • Shoulder Pocket
  • Load Lifter System
  • Bottom Pocket
  • Trekking Pole Loops
  • 10mm Pad Foam
  • 3D Spacer Mesh
  • Nylon Webbing
  • Acetal Buckle
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